Wednesday, 5 July 2006

Drop Shadows Not Bombs

Cheeks turned me on to this great T-Shirt, I bought one and so should you.

I was looking through some images from the tour of Bouncers I did and I thought I'd put a few up for your enjoyment, they really capture the size and energy of the show.

Have a good Wednesday.


  1. Hey, that's David Hoffmann-Gill in the middle!

    A great guy, a real mensch!


  2. bouncers was great, I've not laughed so much at the theatre since my mate electrocuted himself of a 16 amp socket!

  3. A great show mate,Hows to work for the ad coming on?

  4. Really fond memories, can't believe it'll soon be a year since I embarked on that journey.

    As for the adverts, Mastercard seems to be a winner but still waiting on Citibank.

  5. Good piccys dan!

    I'll get one of them T Shirts!

  6. Daniel, the last picture--you truning into a werewolf or something?:-)) great piccies...


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