Saturday, 1 July 2006

England 0 (1) Portugal 0 (3)

England are out of the World Cup and I'm crying. I'm not ashamed.

Once again it was penalties that destroyed us and once again we went out of a major international tournament to a bunch of cheating, useless fucking bastards.

Okay it wasn't just that, England's 4-5-1 formation didn't play to our strengths and we had Rooney sent off, which bizarrely meant that we were better and had more heart with 10 men than 11. All that backs to the walls stuff I suppose. Defeat on penalties is always bitter, especially when we out played them for long periods and also when they were such ugly, cheating victors.

Let's make this clear, Portugal player's dived so often and so grotesquely that it became a bad, unwelcome joke but the peak was Ronaldo, who not only tried and succeeded in getting Rooney sent off but also winked at his teammates when he managed to manipulate the situation. How fucking dare you, you wanker.

England played their hearts out, the defence, by a man, was exceptional and gave Portugal nothing. Owen Hargreaves was the man of the match and rightly so, he screened the back four and made surging runs, as well as hassling and breaking up all that the Portuguese could throw at him. Indeed, England played the basketball equivalent of a full court press and it worked in neutering the opposition.

Lampard let us down again, his confidence seems to be lacking but his fellow midfield colleagues made up for his quiet peformance but once again you can't put Rooney up front on his own and expect us to succeed.

I can't be arsed with any more analysis, it hurts because we lost, what does all the analysis matter? We lost, we lost, we lost...


  1. Thats true. You lost! But you have a very good team.

  2. We always play well when our backs are against it, it's the British way, so if we get all motivated when Rooney comes on and all motivated when he goes of then lets not start the bugger again... next time.

    Arse is all I can say, no analysis, no slagging any one off just Arse.

    I'm going to get another beer

  3. RE: you taking the piss?


    Leslie: helps if you read the post, England lost.

  4. England lost in the World Cup of Diving? You just have to accept that their divers were better. England came prepared to play football for some reason.


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