Monday, 31 July 2006

Fuck Israel: The Massacre of Children Goes On

The bodies of dead Lebanese children are piling up, we stand by and allow this to happen whilst our leaders chatter.

The very worst amongst us justify the actions of Israel as a reasonable response, these same idiots talk of Hezbollah hiding amongst civilians but fail to realise that there is little use in a human shield if the aggressor doesn't respect it. Israel has no problem with killing civilians, men, women, children, the bodies of the dead pile up.

This is an act of genocide, a war crime, an atrocity.

The latest disgusting episode that shames us all: the second Qana Massacre that took place on the 30th July 2006, 55 Lebanese civilians killed including 27 children in a shelter. For those that don't know, Qana is the place where, according to the Fourth Gospel, Jesus performed his first miracle, the turning of a large quantity of water into wine at a wedding feast.

Look at the following images and then do something, I know I am.

Fuck Israel.


  1. thanks for writing something about it.

    this madness must stop.

    where did you find the images? (some are different from the ones I found)

  2. Death to the Zionist Terrorists and the end-times imperialist pigs in Washington who control them.

  3. 55 killed in one day. Israel did apologize. Hezbollah does not apologize for any jews they kill. Instead, they rejoice.

    If you want to play the numbers game, how about this: If the Holocaust had taken 66 years instead of 5 (e.g. from 1940 to 2006), there would be 249 jews killed each and every day, to make up the six million dead. Half of jewry. Some wish the Nazis had killed them all. Some wish for that "final solution" today.

    Don't dishonour those dead children by using them for Israel bashing. Israel has plenty to answer for, their enemies have way more to answer for.

    The sad lesson of the Holocaust is that even though thousands of jews were killed each and every day over 5 years, the world has largely forgotten, and these 50 times smaller scale slaughters, not even happening every day for years, will be largely forgotten in time as well.

  4. How does this end? With people like bud hiding like little bitches inside their shitty middle class hovels, shuddering in fear as they watch CNN, and moving only to pick up the phone and order the crappy products they market on cable TV.

    America must be exterminated. Israel wouldn't last 10 minutes after that.

    Vengeance for the dead children will only lead to more excuses for the Israeli devils to kill more children. It will lead to persecution of Jews, most of whom are horrified that a country they never plan to visit is killing kids in their name.

    This ends when people like "bud" are lined up along a ditch and shot in the head, along with their incredibly RETARDED fucking statements like, "Don't dishonour those dead children by using them for Israel bashing."

    Don't kill the fucking children, you Israeli-ass-kissing motherfucker! But your kind never will, because murder is all you enjoy. This is why the only end to this problem is the extermination of the reason Israel is allowed to do this and get away with it.

    No Americano support, no Israeli murders. It's that simple.

    And bud, I really hope you die an evil death someday soon. You are the most idiotic fucking piece of shit I've ever seen.

  5. Daniel, these images made me cry. I can't stand to see innocent children hurt or dying. This is madness!

  6. I'm not convinced this is genocide. War, yes. Atrocious, yes. But a systematic effort to wipe out an entire group of people? Not so sure about that.

    By the way, Lebanon hasn't exactly been an ally of Palestinians.

  7. Qrswave: wikipedia links to images on the Israel-Lebanon war entry I think.

    UWL: with lots of dead people.

    Bud: sorry, I usually agree with many of your comments and your arguements but talk of the Holocaust and comparative genocide chat has no place in this discussion, the Holocaust does not make it alright for Israel to do what it wants. As for apologies, they are hollow and meaningless, comapring apologies or lack of is of no use to us here.

    Dishonour the dead children? Jesus wept, as Col.Dr puts it, I don't have the power to do that as the Israeli's did it for me. Are you into Zionist appeasement?

    Leslie: I also wept, those images cut right through me.

    Jess: I never said Palestine and Lebanon got on and I'm afraid I do beleive that israel is attempting and desires the extermination of the Arab race.

  8. It's fucking tragic Daniel, Tragic. I can't believe what's going on in the world and continues to go on. I'm sick of the lack of regard for human life. Totally sick and yeah, America should be STOPPED!!!

  9. Can you guys please say America under BUSH must be stopped? Many of us (there are more than the 1000 people they ask in their polls) are as sickened by this conflict as we are horrified at our government's complicity. It is not lost on all of us.

    We don't know how this guy got elected, twice, but we desperately want him impeached. We're hoping more can be done after the November elections. All polls point to the Republicans being out the door and out of the majority (at least in the House - fortunately that's the body that draws up the impeachment papers).

    Is your foreign minister going to follow up on the bomb delivery plane stopping in Scotland? I hope so, but I have my doubts it will happen - you guys do have Blair....Bush's best buddy(B cubed).

    Check out my blog, really - we're don't all back Israel...common sense

    And Bud? The Jews weren't the only ones killed in the Holocaust and I don't see Israel jumping up and down to stop genocides of anyone but Jews. Where were they in Cambodia, Rwanda, pick a genocide - they weren't there. Never again means never again to us, but the fact that it happened to them doesn't in any way positively shape how they treat anyone else, if anything it's negatively shapes it, but hey - they learned from the best - right down to the message. So don't get it twisted Bud.


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