Thursday, 27 July 2006


So, as the rest of the globe fails to thrash out a ceasefire plan and the Israeli government takes this as tacit approval of their war crimes, can I just remind you that the whole pretence for this act of terror was the abduction of two Israeli soldiers...trouble is the Israeli soldiers were in Lebanon.

Here is a full list of sources that corroborate this but the history of IDF build up in the area and the carrying out of missions on the border clearly marks out the classic tactic of provoking the enemy into a conflict it can ill afford.

Here is an ambulance bombed by Israeli forces:

Here is a dead Lebanese child:

Lobby whoever you have to lobby and take a part in trying to end this bloodshed, as our leaders stand by and waste precious time as more innocent people die.

Peace be with you all.


  1. Even the UN does not disagree that they were captured in Israel. The observers video taped the capture. You are something.

  2. Real easy to say when you don't have the balls to identify your profile, or even contribute anything worthwhile.

    You're the kind who just sit and watch the children die, without a clue, not giving a shit until it's something of yours that's taken away.

    Well, on that note, I sincerely hope that my new heroes, the Hezbollah that is kicking the shit out of the Israeli devil, or any of their affiliated friends begin taking away the security and smug sense of flippancy you soft-bellied pieces of shit take for granted.

    Suicide bombers in NYC? In Omaha? In smalltown America? I can't fucking wait, and when the shithouse burns down, while I won't be pouring gas on anyone, I won't be pissing on a lot of burning cocksuckers who thought they could stay uninvolved while the Bush-Olmert Zionist conspiracy killed the world.

    I gleefully welcome every report of every single Israeli devil that the righteous, powerful Hezbollah destroy. Israel has refused to live like a neighbour, and operates like a criminal syndicate, and there is finally someone who will refuse their bullshit.

    Hezbollah has defeated Israel, and will again push them back, regardless of the cost. Israel cannot afford the same kind of losses they suffered for the past 20 years--how can they return to the same bullshit that got Rabin assassinated?

    There is a righteous Jew who will rise like Elijah and strike the evil down, and until that happens, the only wish for Israel is their complete destruction at the hands of the competent, brave Hezbollah.

    D**th to Israel.
    D**th to America.
    D**th to Harper and his support of the Israeli devil.
    D**th to cowards who snipe from behind false names.

  3. I don't know where to get informed about the actual facts because it is so easy to find whatever you want on the internet or in the media. What I do know is if that was my daughter I would be fucking pissed at hezbola (sp). I would absolutely hate them for causing this war. I would do everything in my power to help oust them and kill them. That picture would damn sure cause any self respecting person to be against the Hez folks. I'm glad you posted it and I'm damn glad even though you are on the far other side that I seem to be on that we can agree that the death and destruction of Lebenon is uncalled for and that the Lebonese should surely get rid of the terrorists and side with Isreal ridding their country of the Islamic facists.

  4. Damn that cat there is way out there!
    I love it, keep it coming Col. Dr.
    I'm against the Anon posts myself! I don't recollect Israel getting whipped though, I am sure that they aren't as soft as most countries and they will fight if someone fucks with them and I'm all for that. It's hard for me to see them losing as of right now, all the american press shows is the Lebonese crying like 8 yr old girls and Israel is not pissing or moaning.
    Just my take

  5. "D**th to cowards who snipe from behind false names." LOL like col. dr.? Rant on!

  6. Anon Coward: that is utter fiction, the two soldiers were captured in Lebanon and Israel had been building up forces for the provocation.

    Jsull: Bad maths are at play, how can dead Lebanese girl be the fault of Hezbollah when she was killed by Israeli forces? Madness! The reason TV is showing crying Arab children is that Israel is killing them you maniac.

    It is beyond me how anyone could see this as the fault of Hezbollah and that the violence of Israel is totally disproportionate.

  7. There is also some VERY bad history at play here.

    It boggles the mind that anyone from a country that was founded by a "terrorist" insurgency, which was armed and financed by foreign powers would not see the middle east differently then some of the Americans here.

    On a more recent note. Does anyone here know how Israel got the British to agree to withdraw from the Palestine Mandate? That's right, years of relentless terrorism. Bombings and attacks aginst anything not Zionist. Anybody ever heard of the Irgun? Anybody body ever heard of the King David Hotel Bombing in 1946 where 91 innocent civilians were murder by the Zionists. Too bad Menachem Begin isn't as famous for leading this terrorist attack as he is for the Camp David Peace accords.

    The lack of historical perspective by most Americans regarding Israel is staggering. They act as if Israel has always been there and that they have always been under attack. They forget the inconvenient truth that Israel started this fight over half a century ago.

  8. We have to spread the historical perspective. Israel was created as and remains today a launchpad for Western imperialism in the Middle East.

    I think we ought to distinguish between the people and the governments of imperialist nations. The Israeli people are not united behind the genocidal militarism of the Israeli government, and the same is true in the US and Britain. There exists strong opposition to the policies and agendas of the governments there.

    Those living in the oppressor countries and those who are being oppressed must unite against imperialism (which, as Lenin said, was the highest stage of capitalism).

    Civilian casualties are an outrage and an atrocity anywhere in the world, a crime against the international working class.

    The Lebanese people have the right to defend themselves and their militias have the responsibility to strike at military targets and respond to aggression. Hezbollah is not a viable revolutionary alternative, though. Much of the completely natural and justified sentiment of solidarity with the Lebanese people is being mislaid upon Hezbollah.

  9. The art of war is to destroy your enemy. If the lebonese people don't want a fight with the Isreales then they should remove the elements in their country that are causing Isreal to bomb them. When they do that Isreal will quit or when they submit and give the hostages back. When they are beaten into submission their country will be far worse off than it is today, it would be much easier on them, if they truely want peace to get the Hez out and do what they agreed to do when they got the Gaza strip, you remember the deal they had with Isreal and the UL (Use Less)
    I can not believe we spend one red cent on the UL what a waste we should use that money to enhance the lives of Americans.
    your friendly maniac

  10. I think the important question is: Why were they in Lebanon?

  11. Cranky: great points, thank you!

    Edie: nice to see you here and nice to see you make the point that some peopel fail to grasp, concerning the diffence between the agencies and the people, however, I will say that at the last count 90% of Israelis supported the action in Lebanon...

    Jsull: you've got it all the wrong way round, the aggressor in the region is Israel, not Arab nations, remember the forcable inscursions in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Thus, on your logic, the acts of Hamas are legitimate which I doubt you'd agree with.

    You'll have to explain the rest of your statement as Hezbollah have nowt to do with the West bank.

  12. Nice map. I wonder what the numbers mean.

  13. The map is identical (even the same filename) as one seen on the "what really happened" web site.
    The numbers with little triagles are observation posts of United Nations Interim Force In Lebanon (UNIFIL) which was formed in 1978.

    Here is a similar map with a legend:

    This one shows a scale, indicating the location of the big arrow in the "what really happened" map of this post is slightly more than 1 mile into Lebanon, and about a mile from UN observation post 5-42

    As for the circumstances, the New York Times says this:

    "Today’s fighting erupted around 9 a.m. when Hezbollah attacked several northwestern Israeli towns with rocket fire, injuring several civilians, the Israeli military said. Israeli civilians rushed into their bomb shelters and many remained there throughout the day.

    But that attack was a diversion for the main operation, several miles to the east, where Hezbollah militants fired anti-tank missiles on two armored vehicles patrolling the Israeli side of the border fence, the military said.

    Of the seven soldiers in the two vehicles, three were killed, two were wounded and two were abducted, the military said.

    Israel then responded with artillery fire, airstrikes and a naval bombardment that targeted some 40 sites in southern Lebanon. Most were believed to be Hezbollah strongholds, but roads and bridges were also hit in an attempt to keep Hezbollah from moving the captured soldiers further to the north, according to the military.

    At least two Lebanese civilians were killed and more than 10 injured in southern Lebanon, according to Lebanese officials.

    Israel also sent ground forces into Lebanon, and a tank hit a powerful explosive planted in the road, killing all four soldiers inside, the Israeli military said."

    So we can trade barbs about the relative credibility of some American newspaper vs some "what really happened" website, and prove nothing.

    Cranky, when you said
    "It boggles the mind that anyone from a country that was founded by a "terrorist" insurgency, which was armed and financed by foreign powers would not see the middle east differently then some of the Americans here."
    Are you referring to the founding of Israel, the founding of the U.S., or perhaps the French revolution or the Norman conquest of Britain?
    As for Menachem Begin, he made peace with Sadat at Camp David, and was probably the reason Yasser Arafat was also treated as a "reformed terrorist" at Camp David in 2000.

  14. Bud: that's all well and good but from my research and reading I believe that the Israeli soliders were taken in Lebanon; that it was a planned op to draw Hezbollah into conflict and that the build up of IDF forces in that area cannot be explained away.

    I presumed Cranky meant the US and Camp David was another example of Israeli leaning peace process.

  15. No, whta Im meant was that Begin was responsible for a terrorist bombing in 1946 that killed 91 innocent civilians. He was the leader of the "Terrorist" group the Irgun that spent years on a terror campaign agsinst the Britsh and Arabs in Palestine. Then he becamce the leader of Israel presiding over the Peace accords with Sadat.

    As for which nation I was referring to that was founded through a terrorist insurgency, that was the good old U.S. of A.

  16. I think the poll numbers are a reflection of the intimidation and utter fear the Israelis are suppressed by and the absence of an organized voice to a perspective formed by an international, historically grounded analysis. In the US, the propaganda is also suffocating, and the poll numbers sometimes suggest near unanimity with the Pentagon and Homeland Security agenda, when in reality it is a source of outrage and frustration.

    I have done quite a bit of petitioning for the Socialist Equality Party here this summer, trying to place candidates on the ballot. People are not encouraged to be critical of the government, let alone outspoken. Nevertheless, when you begin to talk to people about war, the wiretapping, detainment, criminalization of the immigrant population, the sentiment is quite different than what emerges from mainstream polls. From my experience, I would estimate at least nine out of ten working class Americans want the war over immediately, hate the Bush administration, sense a dangerous slide into a police state, etc. Maybe one in a hundred say they support the president, the tax cuts, the war, etc.

    We have to articulate an opposition. Average Americans and Israelis are kept in the dark and are threatened by their governments and media, but they aren't stupid and they aren't cruel; I'm glad there has been so much real, critical discussion online about this assault.


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