Wednesday, 26 July 2006

Holiday Snaps As Israel Bombs The UN

Parga's main harbour

Me looking a right nob

Marie and I: blurred clarity

A terrifying Greek stuffed waiter

A poster advertising a hot clarinet outfit that was in town

Parga's largest nightclub

One of Marie's excellent tuna salad sarnies

Parga's main beach

Onto more important matters then...

I woke up this morning to discover that Israel had bombed a UN base, killing four peacekeepers and also attacking the UN bunker as they tried to rescue their dying colleagues; this is on top of repeated attacks on UN positions by Israeli forces. No wonder Kofi Annan believes this is a deliberate policy on behalf of Israel. Now imagine if any other nation in the world was carrying out such a policy, what would be the response? Actually scratch that, what would be the response of the only two nations that are backing the actions of Israel? The excellent front page of The Independent sums it up nicely...
The US/UK/Zionist pact is free to carry out whatever acts of aggression, violence, torture and repression that it sees fit; yet punishes other nations when they try and utilise similar means to achieve their aims. This is the hypocrisy at the heart of the world order and this hypocrisy means that the rest of the globe will be against us; leading us into perpetual conflict.

By the way, the two Israeli soldiers where actually in Lebanon when they were captured but more on that tomorrow...


  1. Fortunately soon it will just be the US & Israel on the right. As under Tonies divine leadership the Uk becomes just another star on the American flag.

  2. Isn't it about time the British people stood up and told their government to stop supportting $hrubco?

    We Americans are too stupid and scared to do it for ourselves. Shit, 50% of Americans still believe Saddam Hussein had WMD that were a threat to us just before the war and somehow they mysteriously dissappeared.

    Maybe if the mother-country stopped supporting us and we were left alone in our ignorant rage we might see the light and make some real changes. I'm sorry to say that Americans are a very weak people, we are swayed by such trite manipulation of our pathos that it is, well... pathetic. To think that fear of gays kept this evil cabal in power in 2004 is beyond belief but is nonetheless true. As we watch the electioneers on the right strum the same emotional cords and witness the absence of rebuke, those of us in the reality based community are appalled. At same time, we see it working it's magic on the US Red State cowards.

    Henry Rollins said it best, "When the going gets tough the average get conservative."

  3. Looking at your blog, you got serious America-envy. it's because you have a serious inferiority complex, as do most English. The thing is, your country is irrelevant. You're not even in the top five most important countries anymore.

    It's funny, India, your former colony, is more important than you now, even though you tried to suck the life out of that beautiful country. My Indian girlfriend was saying that you people think you're better than everyone else. I agree. Nobody likes you.

    You think that Americans are the most hated people. You're wrong. It's the English. The Americans I've known have all been really nice. The English though are stuck up. You're stupid too. You haven't invented shit since WWII.

    As a person, you're ugly, both physically and mentally. I wouldn't fuck you if you were the last man on Earth. You stupid fat piece of shit. You seem racist too.

  4. Whoops. Forgot to add. You really seem to hate Jews. The Jews I've known have been really nice and they're funny. You must be some right-wing neo-Nazi fascist piece of shit. You're racist and you hate Jews. I should flag this stupid right-wing lunatic blog.

  5. Cool how people mistake Israel for "The Jews," the satirical comments of your anonymous commentor aside.

    Anonymous has captured a strain of that reactionary, super-offended facade behind which people with an agenda skunk around in life and fuck others over.

    I'll stick with my D**th To Israel statement, and remind everyone that it was six million Jews who had nothing to do with Zionism who went crispy under The Reich.

  6. Anaonymous is funny, I like him. He;s being ironic right?

    Cool photos, that sandwhich is seriously blue.

  7. Zzzzz...another pointless psuedo-political blog rant full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. I like it better when you write about yourself or your acting, rather than stating the bleeding obvious. Wah, wah, wah. Dead arabs, dead jews, it's been going on for years and will continue to go on until a well-aimed nuke turns the area to radioactive sand. Your virtual middle class chest-beating isn't going to change a thing, old bean.

    Worry about what's happening in this country, HG. But that's not very middle class is it? The middle classes tend to bleat on about this bleeding heart crusade or about saving the kipper or some other populist bandwagon that's rolling through town, while the country they live in goes to the dogs. Yes, it is the likes of you that are bringing the UK to its knees with your idealistic apathy and continual whining.

    "Bah, bah, bah," bleated the flock together as they were lead to the slaughterhouse.

  8. WOW. What a powerful front page. Are there really that many that want a ceasefire??? I find that startling.

    I see both sides in this. I understand a ceasefire would be the best solution in order to save lives in the immediate future. But I also understand why Israel is so boiling mad. Ultimately, if you play with terrorists, you can expect to get burned, too. And simply because they're using human shields - does that mean we need to let them off the hook? On the other hand, aren't they well-repaid at this point?

    I'm going to think some more about this.

  9. I like the strange maths the Israeli government have concocted. For example, the attack is proportionate, so they've decided (fig 1) Dead Lebanese Civilians 377=Dead Israeli Civilians 17.

    I thought it was actually 377 > 17. I could be wrong. Not, equal, or less than, greater than. But then again, I did go to school in Canada, maybe our math is different.

  10. It doesn't turn to radioactive sand, it turns to glass. Like it happened in the Nevada desert from the Trinity test 61 years ago.

    Yes the death ratio is a little low. 22 times as many Lebanese as jews. According to the prime minister of Malaysia, the ummah of 1.3 billion should be able to destroy Israel's mere 6 million, being 216 times bigger. So Israel has been disproportionate in its response, and killed only 1/10 as many as would be proportionate to population. Because, after all, they are up against the entire Muslim world. Right now the sunni Saudi's are ok with the jews bumping off as many shi'ites as possible, the shi'ite being the retarded cousins of the ummah. But that will change.

    Hezbollah expected that they could do the prisoner swap thing with the two soldiers and get a bunch of their people back. They were supposed to wait to start the real war until Iran has the bomb. So either Iran already does, or Hezbollah miscalculated and hoped to get some people back first. However they have quickly adapted to the situation. Most of the 10,000 rockets are unguided and inaccurate. But recall the Silkworm missile, fired early on by Iranian "advisors", that crippled an Isreali ship.

    Hezbollah continues to fire their shitty rockets into northern Israel, while firing their newer Iranian supplied ones at UN bases and at civilians. Israel has to act like they themselves did it and it was all a big mistake, since they would never be believed otherwise. And why panic their own people with the idea that Hezbollah does have a sizable arsenal of accurate rockets/missiles.

    Haven't heard much about the mullahs nuclear activities lately, have we? Do youy think they've stopped because they are busy watching the news out of Lebanon? Are we so foolish, full of our own superiority over these backward people, to believe that they are years away from the bomb? The U.S. and allies managed it in 4 years, with 100,000 people working on it, developing entirely new technology, not even sure it would actually work, and not sure it would not ignite the earth's atmosphere. The Persians are not stupid. They are probably very close, if they don't already have one (in the real program, not what they showed the inspectors).

    Oh, yeah. Welcome back, Daniel!

  11. Cranky: yes, it is time and many of us have made efforts to make it very clear but just like Bush, Blair does not listen to his people or reflect popular opinion. Good Rollins quote.

    Anon: American envy? No, you clearly can't read or construct coherent arguements, as for not being in the Top 5, what top 5? GDP? Health care? Number of nukes? Bring facts or go home. When people across the globe were asked in an ICM poll who is the biggest danger to world peace America came top by some distance. As for inventions that just isn't true, again read books and stop being stupid.

    I nearly deleted both of your comments, so insipid are they but I let them stand as examples of web idiocy, however, yuor accusations of racism are so wide and offensively off the mark you better watch your step, or you'll be gone. I have no problem with Jews, only Zionism.

    Darren: I'm sensing a pattern in your comments of late, sorry I don't post videos of myself playing the guitar or talk about how hot it is...YAWN! If you don't like it, don't read it. Your analysis of the Middle East situation smacks of a dangerous ennui, I'd rather care than not care and I never said the blog would change things but my actions do and I take part in whatever I can to make a change, do you?

    I do worry about what happens over here, hence Craig Murray to which you also posted a flippant comment. It seems to me you have an axe to grind, I reguarly go and take action or write letters or demonstrate or make art ro whatever has to be done. What are you doing Darren?

  12. So, lemme get this straight. Bud says it's the Hezz boys who bombed my fucking countryman into oblivion, and not his Zionist ass pals?

    If bud, and apparently every Amer-Anonymous asshole posting what a racist you are wasn't a disinformatzia agent for the American government, it might be possible to believe they're just plain stupid.

    Those who actually know which strings are pulled in the Middle East know Mossad has complete penetration of every "terrorist" organisation, and has had since before its inception.

    The State of Israel could not have been formed without this complete corruption of the local Arab authorities.

    The only exception to this is Hezbollah, who are a socio-political body and stand as the only Arabic group who has defeated Israel in war.

    The idea that Hezbollah is partnered with Iran, and was supposed to wait until Iran has a Bomb is plain stupid, as is bud, or anyone else who believes State Department press releases.

    The only reason Iran has The Bomb is to ensure America will never invade them. The New American Century project has, as a requirement of invasion, that the nation being destroyed NOT be able to defend itself.

    This why "new world order" Emperor Bush I left the Shi'ites out to dry in the early 90s. Unfortunately for him and Jr., America still doesn't know how to fight, and they are losing Iran even faster than they lost Vietnam.

    Hezbollah did not instigate this situation. The Israelis, WHO DO NOT REPRESENT THE JEWS OF THE WORLD, used the excuse of (heavily Mossad-penetrated) Hamas' actions to attack Lebanese neighbourhoods.

    Nothing more.

    The "international community" was targeted by Israel, and bud, the fuckstick who wouldn't know a fact if it walked up and shot him in the head, improving the world around him, comes up with the idea that Hezbollah actually did it, and Israel's taking the heat for them.

    Fuck off, narc, you fucking moron. You're complicit in your Israeli ass pals' murders, and you even push your idiocy further by saying Israel should be killing 10X as many people to keep up the ratio?

    I cannot wait until the righteous armies of any-fucking-body dismantles your shitass "republic" and lines assholes like you up along ditches. If people have to be mass murdered, maybe it is America's turn. Gods know you fuckholes have been doing it around the world for way too long.

    D**th to America.
    D**th to Israel.

  13. And, bud, you fucking moron, I was at the White Sands, and it really does turn to radioactive, white sand.

    Maybe if you pulled your wife's dildo out of your ass and accepted the fact that she's gone and much happier with your sister, you could get on with life and maybe quit working for the Bumtards of America Agency.

  14. According to the US military:
    "There has only been one above ground atomic bomb test in New Mexico and that was at Trinity Site in 1945."

    That produced the glassy "trinitite", and it is radioactive. But the sand was already white for thousands of years. That's why it is called White Sands, you cretin.


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