Tuesday, 25 July 2006

I Go Away For a While and Zionists Are Killing Arab Children

In spite of all the dead children that have been killed by the Israeli military, I was going to post a few pictures of the holiday to lighten the mood but Blogger is being a total shit and not letting me.

Still recovering from a wonderful holiday and when it lets me you shall have some images but until then I'm off to bed and rest and to formulate a post on the war crimes being carried out in both Iraq and Lebanon but some stuff to kepp you going...

UK people want Blair to stand up to Bush...about fucking time and we'll see if the murder of children makes Tony decide to find the fire in his belly or whether he is totally morally bankrupt.

Some good news: Political Moose is back and is linked again, so please visit, Mark really is a great political blogger and a lovely chap. Also linked is a blog that provides updates on Israeli aggression in Lebanon, so go and read the facts please.

Before I go I'd like to make it clear that we should stand up to Zionist agression and that Hezbollah is not a terrorist group but rather a genuine force for change against the US/Israel axis of evil.

Oh and a jockey headbutted a horse which is quite funny if a little cruel, video here.


  1. Welcome back! Look forward to the fotos.

  2. Good ta have ya back after a nice break in Greece,off to the New Forest with the lovely Mrs B in a fotnight then Corfu for us in september..Roll on.

  3. Our next-door-but-one-neighbours often park their car in front of the house next door, despite having a driveway. The effect of this is that it displaces all the other cars in our street and causes parking chaos. These people responsible are also Jewish. Is this part of a Zionist plot to take over the world and do I need to make myself some shoebombs and tap-dance my way to matyrdom? Answers please...

  4. Glad you're back. Look forward to the posts.

    There's enough evil on both sides of this issue to go around.


  5. Hey thanks for the props, it's nice to see you back. My child is sleeping regularly now so i can get back to my internet browsing that I missed for so long.

  6. Darren: Yes, this is further evidence of the Zionist plot to destroy the world, strike at once with force and vigour.


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