Sunday, 30 July 2006

Israeli/Lebanese Coffin Counter

Current Figures: Israel: 51 UN: 4 Canada: 8 Lebanon: 600

Visual aid is here.

This is a picture of Israeli children signing missles that are used to kill Lebanese children.


  1. and it just goes on and on and would think after a few thousand years of this follishness we would figure it out

  2. Killing children is evil. Lebanon now has a justified right to retaliate aginst Israel in kind. The next time I hear a fucking zionist whining about having to go to bunkers because they might get hit with a Hezbollah rocket I am going to scream.

    CNN is balancing pictures of mutilated bodies of dead children in Qana with pictures a fat old zionist pigs being wheeled into hospitals on gurnies with scrapes from diving for cover when a unguided missle flew over head. Meanwhile Israel dropped 80 bombs on Qana alone last night to punish the civilians for being Lebanese.

    Death, painful death, to all Zionists!

    Fuck you in advance UL.

  3. That image of the kids signing the bombs is atrocious. Why the hell do the parents and elders continue to instill this into their offspring?

  4. the look in that childs eyes (the last picture) could make me cry forever. What the fuck does all this gain?


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