Sunday, 9 July 2006

Please Help Craig Murray

Craig Murray was formerly the British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, until he took a stand over our use of intelligence obtained by torture and since that time he has been persecuted by my government who have been trying to silence him, since his departure from the Foreign Office.

You may remember the previous attempt to nullify Mr Murray when many bloggers, including myself, published the false threat from the government.
Now Craig Murray is under seige once more, as his lastest book, Murder in Samarkand, has just been published and inspite of the best efforts of the British Government to suppress it. In support of the points he makes in his book, Craig has published a number of documents online that the British Government does not want you to see, these can be found here and I urge you to read them all and learn about the UK and US sponsoring and supporting torture and violence in the false quest that is the war on a noun.
As expected, Craig received a letter (which can be found here) from lawyers acting on behalf of the Foreign Office demanding that he remove the documents from his website by 4pm Monday 10th July or he will be issued with a high court injunction.

The following thoughts are those of Craig Murray himself:

"I am sorry to trouble you, but believe that we now face a threat both to the Web and to Freedom of Information in the UK which must be challenged. The British government is arguing that government documents, even if released under the Freedom of InformAtion Act or Data Protection Act, cannot be published, on the web or elsewhere, as they remain Crown Copyright.

If you think about it for a moment, the government could thus cancel out almost the whole purpose of the Freedom of Information Act; information released would be just for the private use of an individual. Newspapers - or bloggers - could not publish it in any detail. If accepted, this extraordinary use of copyright could keep literally everything - everything - produced by government a secret.

The documents in question are the supporting evidence for my book, Murder in Samarkand, which has just been released. The government continues to claim my story is untrue. There is one important advance in all this. Up until now the government refused to acknowledge the documents were authentic. Now Buttrill's letter specifically acknowledges all of the documents and claims copyright over them.

Some are new to the web. Perhaps the most important is the chart of the changes the British Government insisted be made to the book. These are extremey revealing for what they admit to be true - for example, only minor changes are requested in the key meeting between senior officials on the legality of using intelligence from torture, at which it was confirmed that this is US and UK policy.

Perhaps still more revealing is the insistence on removal of the assertion that "Colin Powell knowingly lied" when he claimed that bombs in Tashkent were the work of al-Qaida. The British government insisted on removal not because it was untrue - as detailed in the book, they know full well it is true - but because it would "Damage UK-US relations".

It is on the face of it very strange that the British Government is going after me over the Copyright Act and not the Official Secrets Act. The answer is simple - under the Copyright Act there is no jury. A jury would never convict for campaigning against torture, and be most unlikely to accept that documents released cannot be published.

As the government know very well I have no money to pay a small, or even large fine, they can get the book and documents banned and me in jail without having to convince any jury of pesky citizens. How to fight back?Well, we must not let the documents disappear from the web.

Many Thanks, Craig Murray"

Please support Craig in any way you can, by buying his book or linking to the documents, thanks for your help.


  1. i know you are trying to be supportive here, and with good cause, but perhaps while you're at it, you can give him some tips on how to dress in a more "manly" fashion?

  2. Nothing is more manly than a man who keeps his manhood at regimental dress while under fire.

    Look at it as a sign that someone has the balls to be intelligent, and isn't afraid that they might show.

    I am of opinion that the totalitarian takeover of power has become complete, and every democratically-oriented gain made since the Magna Carta has been rolled back.

    I believe our nations have become the threat to humanity, and I no longer defend the Canadian flag against charges of fascist idiocy.

    What used to be a country forged in tolerance and understanding has, in eight short months, become a client state of the United Satan of America, and a whining, pussified, creepy, pseudo-Christian sponsor of international terror by its participation in the illegal war in Afghanistan.

    I am of the opinon that the likes of Craig Murray strive in vain, and will, in the end, serve only as prods by which the Establishment will beat us into submission. Just look at what we did to Craig Murray will be their only invocation of his name.

    I believe the only situation which will reverse the reversal of the irreversible march of democracy--true executive power placed effectively in the hands of the masses--will, as in almost every democratic movement of the past, come at arms.

    To this end, I believe our governments will take the opportunity (one they've carefully created) to declare democratic movements terrorist activities, and will nip the curse of freedom in the bud, until they are violently removed from having the ability to do so.

    In short, gentlemen, we are fucked.

  3. QZ: Craig looks very manly indeed in my opinion.

    Col.Dr: Indeed.

    Darren: explain yourself rather than short, vague statements.

  4. The zip file of the documents has already disappeared from the site.


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