Thursday, 31 August 2006

Blame the Media: Putting Spin on a Bloody Civil War

Timing is everything, so on a day when 52 people were killed in bomb and gun attacks in Iraq after three years of chaos and insurgency, the US decided to announce that its problem in the war torn country is one of bad publicity.

*cough* *beg pardon?*

That's right folks, bad publicity, someone just ain't spinning the glorious success that is Iraq with enough vehemence for the Whitehouse's liking. And there was me thinking that it was a poorly thought out invasion plan and general incompetence and mismanagement by the Bush regime that has led to all the dead bodies piling up.

You'll be glad to know that the US military is offering $20m over two years for anyone who can monitor the US, international and Middle Eastern media and ensure that a more positive message gets out. I think I might just put myself up for the job, what I could do with $20 million of US tax payers money you wouldn't believe...

Of course we've been here before, ever since the Iraq invasion complaints about alleged media bias have been a regular fixture, back in October 2003, President Bush was blaming the bad news out of Iraq on the media's "filter". A year later came reports of a public relations campaign to sell the occupation ahead of the 2004 Presidential elections, and last year the conservative Media Research Center targeted America's TV news networks for their "defeatist coverage" of the war.

Given the scale of the problems that Washington faces in its war on terror, this refusal to accept the reasons behind the bad coverage from Iraq is astonishing.

The Internet has been abuzz with Donald Rumsfeld's latest idiocy in Salt Lake City, when he accused critics of the Bush regime of "appeasing fascism" and that the US was confronting a "new kind of fascism" which indeed it is, but Rumsfeld is part of the problem rather than some perverse, distorted crusader against it.

He has clearly lost his mind.

It's a bad state of affairs when those in power actually believe their own propaganda.

On a happier note, southern Lebanon is covered in around 100,000 unexploded Israeli cluster bombs (kindly supplied by the US) that the UN have described as "completely immoral" but the best bit is that 90% of them were dropped in the last 72 hours of the conflict, when Israel knew there would be a resolution.

I'm off for a cry.


  1. "distorted crusader against"

    that term offended me...what sort of doctor do i need to see?

  2. The cluster bomblets would be cleaned up by the 20,000 UN troops that were supposed to arrive as a condition of the ceasefire. As part of the agreement to disarm Hezbollah, the same search for weapons would find the bomblets.

    Instead, few troops, no search, and now we have the Iranian solution. Recall how Iran is said to have cleared mine fields with children walking through them.

    The Israelis saw the bait and switch coming. They wanted to use the last days to destroy as much of Hezbollah as possible.

    I disagree with that decision, since they had already destroyed the longest range Hezb'Iranian missiles weeks before.

    Now the reign of terror purge is going on, suspected collaborators are being rounded up and killed. $1000 is the reward for turning one in to Hezbollah. No word on any trials, due process, none of that shit for said suspected collaborators. Besides, due process would only encourage people to voice disagreement with Hezbollah. They need to get rid of anyone who might talk about the resupply effort now in progress.

    Feel free to insult me, for reporting the above point of view.

  3. Bud: I for one shall not be insulting you at all, however, as I'm sure you'll know, I disagree with you.

    Those weapons should not have been used by Israel, their response was totally out of proportion and unjustified, the use of US cluster bombs is not justified, so it negates any issues with cleaning them up , they shouldn't be there fullstop.

    I disagree with the disarming of Hezbollah, they have the right to bear arms in the defence of their nation.

    Frankly, I don't believe that Iran used children to clear minefields, this is anti-Islam based madness, attmepting to discredit a legitimate regime.

    I need to see some evidence regarding any 'purges' by Hezbollah, all the sources I've seen are currently pro-Israeli, as in the source is the Israeli military and I'm not trying to smear the outlet who is running it.


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