Wednesday, 16 August 2006


I don't know why I'm trying to make myself laugh with an image of some hot bitch, grotesque, uber-fetish holiday maker revealing his hairy ass cheeks in Barcelona but I am.

Actually that's a lie, I do know, I'm up for a lovely acting job and had about 14 million recalls and I'm so desperate to get it for both financial and professional reasons that I could eat through my own face. But the wait goes on and knowing my luck it'll clash with the tour I'm going to be starting next week...


That man's pert ass cheeks are also there to distract me from the fact that the latest TERROR ALERT (Trademark of Bush/Blair. All Rights Reserved) was clearly such a pile of crap it beggars belief, as it stands there is still not a shred of evidence pointing to any terror attack. So not only do we now have the flawed doctrine of pre-emptive attack/defence in war but also in intercepting terror: "These Muslims may only be 3 months old but at some time or another in their life they may be provoked, by our policies across the globe, to carry out an attack, so we may as well arrest them now!"

Get this people: none of the alleged terrorists had made a bomb, none had bought a plane ticket and many of them did not even have passports!

Bite me.


  1. OMYGOD. CAN'T...LOOK...AWAY....

    You've no doubt read what Craig Murray's had to say about this, but I include the link nonetheless:

    What I love about him is how he so civilly and crisply reams The Blair Bush Project new assholes.

    I'll bet he wears Jeffs, too.


  2. Hey danny boy interesting points but where do you get your info from? Anyway im sure we can chat about it on friday and good luck with that job lol.


  3. 1. None had made a bomb, because the whole idea was assembling a bomb in flight.

    2. You buy tickets based on the profile you are trying to fit. You might buy a last minute selloff two days before, to look like someone who has holidays and can fly on short notice. You might buy the very expensive day before seat and act like a business type who had a short notice meeting.

    3. Passports is more of a problem, as Craig Murray points out how slow the UK passport office is. Even getting a counterfeit one takes time. That is the main flaw in the story of "imminent" attack, except that there could be fake passports that have not been found yet.

    Sounds like some of these particular people were mouthing off in chat rooms and at the mosque. The plot they are accused of is an old one attributed to al qaeda, but one that has not been addressed with airport security countermeasures.

    The easiest and quickest way to get these countermeasures in place internationally is with the drama and coverage of a foiled plot.

  4. Don't tell've successfully auditioned for the part of the left hairy arse cheek for an afternoon play on the tellybox. You hypocrite!

  5. Cry boogeyman and watch the punkie heads cry in terror as they pay you in the hopes that you'll stop saying that scary word.

    Prostitution is NOT the world's oldest profession. Oh, the hilarity. Wait and see what happens when there is actually a wolf, after nobody's listening anymore.

  6. Now if that picture doesnt count as a terrorist attack then I don't know what does.

  7. Damn. I keep coming back to look. Its like some horrific roadcrash where you cant help but stare in facinated horror....

  8. I so wish I hadn't seen this.

    As for the terror suspects, they had household chemicals! Isn't that enough? Seriously, though, I'm mildly reassured by the idea that lawyers have a limit of 28 days to hold a suspect without filing charges. You're one step ahead of the U.S. on that one.

  9. Tom: books man, books, I read them there books dude.


    1. How pre-emptive is this going to get?

    2. Clutching at straws to justify infringement on human rights.

    3. Passports are a problem aren't they?

    Sorry Bud, don't buy it, plenty of other moments of fake terror to keep us scared, keep us fearful.

    Darren: you have outed me! Forgive me!


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