Wednesday, 2 August 2006

How Could It All Go Wrong For Conservative America?

(The penultimate part of my study of American conservatism, picking up from here)

In a nutshell: too Southern, too greedy, too contradictory.

Take Trent Lott and his racist gaff…and there lies the contradiction because Bush quickly removed him and has taken many steps to make the GOP more multi-cultural and mostly, he personally refuses to play the race card (clearly, still a vote winner with some backward types).

It says a lot about the strength of will and discipline of the conservatives that they are able to control and deal with their many contradictions without destroying the GOP; which after all is a party full of extremism, intolerance, a weakness for vested interests and a history of government spending mismanagement.

The success of modern conservatism and why it dominates America so successfully is that it is a broad church, the Democrats would kill for such diverse support but it comes with its problems. There are 3 main contradictions that threaten to tear modern conservatism back into the political Stone Age: traditionalists vs. libertarians, religious conservatives vs. business community and free market principles vs. heartland values. These diversions have to be managed and at times, the strain is visible. If the liberals can unpick the unlikely alliances then they have a chance of success.

Then there is the incompetence with money, an area in which Bush broke his pre-election promise and instead of the predicted $5.6 trillion surplus, the American people are saddled with $5 trillion debt. And its not just the executive branch which is overspending, Republican state legislatures outspend their Democratic counterparts by a whole 1%. Conservatives are many things but frugal ain’t one of them and people like their government to get more bang from their tax buck.

When the dust finally settles on the Bush regime, there is no doubt that their relationship with corporate America will not be looked on fondly by historians. It has been one of the worst governments in living memory for exploiting vested interests and lining the pockets of big business. Like the steel and lumber tariffs of 2002 that made the companies concerned very happy but did little for the conservative idea of free trade. Or the 2002 Farm Bill which retained government involvement and therefore massive government subsidy to go directly into the pockets of the very rich, some $180 billion of taxpayer’s money. A real low point was when the energy industry wrote the government’s energy policy, rather like letting lawbreakers re-write the laws; these kinds of acts alienate and anger the average voter.

Last and by no means least we have the conservative reputation for intolerance, which stems from GOP taking the South but having to also take its religious and racial extremism. This, quite simply, scares off more moderate voters and provides and endless raft of gaff-ridden media fodder.

If the conservative movement fails to keep control of these factors, or the woeful liberal movement can seize the moment and strike at these very real weaknesses, then we may see some cracks start to appear in the façade of “The Right Nation”.


  1. A simple, universally-explanatory lesson:

    Saudi Arabia runs America.
    America runs Israel.
    Israel runs Saudi Arabia.
    All else is mere humanity.

  2. I actually agree with alot of what you say here. The Reps have a hard sell in 08. If the Democrats will come to the table with anything other than vague statements, if they will come with a plan at all they will win in 06 and 08. I just don't see them doing it. They need to oust Dean and Gore and put anyone that appears moderate in power there. Then they win.
    One exception with your post that I am sure of. The regular deep south rep. voter is absolutely against free trade, nafta and the like. The tired and true deep south reps. are very gaurded and very loyal to american goods and services.
    good post

  3. Why thank you JS!

    Although your comment on the Deep South voter seems that you've missed the point fo what a broad church it is and therefore how it is hard to keep all these things in place.

    Gore is a moderate by the way.

  4. He still is percieved as a far lefty. He might be modertate by Dem standards but he is far away from the middle Reps and the actual middle. That is the perception of the folks I know anyway. He doesn't appear moderate. They need to bring a candidate that isn't quite as well known as Gore Clinton Dean etc. Maybe a Gov. from somewhere that has had success in their state.
    My Nafta take was in rebuttle to the steel tarrif comment. I think the average deep south voter is for taxing products from outside the country and they are for buying American products. Thats all I was saying there.
    They still must have a workable plan and they must articulate that to the voter. The have to let go the chads and diebold and hate. They need to say we don't agree with bush but he won, we believe that the country could be better off at this point in time if we were in power because we would........and say what they want to do, exactly, not just say we don't want to do what bush did that and he is idiot.

  5. American products are shit with the following exceptions:

    Martin Guitars.
    Fender Guitars (although their Jap versions are better).
    Ernie Ball Bass guitars.

    Everything else is a piece o'crapola, sold to assaholas to cheer up the Ayatollah who secretly owns controlling interest in The Incorporated States of America.

  6. I don't know about the rest of you, but I appreciate Canada for it's famous pure maple syrup.

  7. Southern Conservative are the bain of the U.S. existence. If it were up to them there would never have been a revoltuion, which we all know was nothing more than rich northern liberals who didn't want to pay taxes anymore. Did you know that there were more Southerners fighting for King George III than there were fighting for George Washington? They had to be dragged into the fight kicking and screaming because old King George cut them such a good land deal. The only thing that opersuaded them to join in was that the land leases would be annulled and they would be able to own the land outright, except for those pesky natives...

    They were the cause of the American Civil War. They have held back every major social movement they have faced and are a drag on us as a society in general.

    The Southern Conservative has learned how to manipulate emotion, hatred and racism and raised it to an art form. What do you think Nixon's silent majority was? The racists of course amd it worked.

    Read this post about the Peckerwood Nation that exist in the bowels of America.


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