Friday, 18 August 2006

“Todd is a Spastic”

On my way to the day job and I spotted the statement above, spray painted onto the bus station wall and for some reason it really made me laugh. I started wondering that if Todd were a spastic, then this would be a statement of fact and in turn a statement of affirmative spasticity. Somehow, I doubt that he is…

I needed that joy to off set the fact that workers in the City of London received some £19 billion in bonuses, which is the equivalent to the entire budget for transport in the UK, which is disgusting.

The talk about ‘positive profiling’ at airports, i.e. pick the Paki out of the line, is equally disgusting and fundamentally flawed. Can no one see that we are making our own enemy here, that we are antagonising an entire community, drawing lines in the sand: us and them? As I’ve said far too many times, we got ourselves ourselves a new nigger.

Now, whenever one of my Members of Parliament says that some individual civil liberties may have to be sacrificed for the greater good, I get really nervous. I get nervous because the evidence to do this seems to be based on spurious incidents of fake terror, so why should I trust my government to act in my best interests and where do you eventually draw the line? What volume of my civil liberties do I have to lose in this fraudulent war on a noun, before I’m allowed to get angry?

Todd may or may not be a spastic but Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott was spot on when he said that: “Bush is crap.”

Give that man a medal.


  1. I wonder what the chances are that an 85 year old grandmother named "Hettie" who uses a walker will have bombs strapped to her body. I suppose it gives everyone else on the plane a sense of relief knowing that she really was wearing "Depends" and not C4, duct tape and a detonator.

    I can only imagine the difficulty an innocent "Paki" would have at an airport screening. I however, can see the absurd and incredible waste of time and manpower devoted to equality to avoid hurt feelings when most, if not all past terrorist actions involve someone who is both Muslim and of Arab descent. When WASP grandmothers band together and publish their intent to destroy the "Great Satan", Britain and Israel, then we would need to add them to the terrorist profile.

  2. Well if the "pakis" weren't so intent on blowing themselves up, there wouldn't be a problem. Poor disaffected Muslim youth. They don't like it here. Wah, wah, wah. They don't like our foreign policy. Boo, hoo, hoo. They don't like it that we have our freedom, that we can enjoy a pint, that the young women of this country can expose their bodies in ways that would offend the prophet. Heaven forfend! Someone cover the table legs...

    This minority are the same people who would like us to all embrace Islam and live under Sharia law. They want us to revert to mediaeval ethos propagated by this vicious religion. Yet they don't realise that they can never win. If they want Sharia law, they should leave and return to a country that adopts that kind of nonsense - try Afghanistan for starters or Iran where under that law it is perfectly acceptable to hang a 16-year-old girl for "adultery". Again, Islam is a vicious mysogynistic religion.

    Now before you start bleating about mind control and the politics of fear, you have to remember that we are talking about the UK here. This is not the feeble-minded USA where the populace is easily double-bluffed. Now you middle class cunts didn't say it was a conspiracy when the cursed IRA blew us to bits during the 1970s and 1980s. Where was your chest-beating and empty-rhetoric then? There was none because it was real, the same way that this blood-thirsty minority is real. If you've lived in the East End and seen the rise of this aggressive little minority, you'd realise that there are some brown-skinned guys with straggly beards out there who want to hurt you because you don't follow their invisible best friend. Of course, this is a very small minority as most Muslims are here to make a living and have a live just like the rest of us. But it is this second/third generational fringe that is really worrying. Because they are Muslim, they don't understand the concept of democracy, believing that the Prophet is the one true representation of law and all politics is a false idol, etc, and so the only way they can make themselves heard is by terror, not by any political means. This is why terrorism is acceptible to this fanatical fringe.

    But this is the UK and your average Joe Punter doesn't care about politics or foreign policy or the politics of fear. If the Government wanted to control Joe Punter they'd drop the tax on fags and booze and let him disappear in a self-enduced fug of debauchery. In one stroke, that's the government in control. Whammo! Londoners have been through this before with both the IRA and the Nazi's during the Blitz. I know it is a cliche, but the Blitz Spirit is real and exists in London. We don't get scared of bombers, we just shrug our shoulders and hope that the trains aren't too affected. Did the people last week look scared as they were being held up at UK airports? No - they looked pissed off because they were delayed for their hols, but pleased that their body parts weren't going to be leaving the plane at 35,000 feet and falling into the icy mid-Atlantic ocean.

    But the recent arrests will probably end with all those involved acquitted because it is a lot harder to prove intent than if they had actually blown something up. Proving in a court of law that these guys were intending to do this is the major obstacle for the authorities and so these jerks will probably be released and hailed as innocent heroes. A bit like the Forest Gate guys, the ones with the kiddie porn and the bags of money buried in the back garden. C'mon - even Muslims use banks these days - their own banks that don't charge interest. Burying money in your backyard is just plain iffy.

    But don't worry because whether these cretins are innocent or not, they'll always have a friend in right-on idiots who believe in "rights" and that everyone, even the potential terrorist, has a right to live and breathe. One day this all might affect you and it will be interesting to read your opinions then. Would you still blame it on the machinations of shadowy government forces or would your rage and grief actually blow away the cobwebs and make you see the reality of this world you live in?

    There's only a conspiracy if you want to believe in one. Occam's razor shaves off any doubt...if you know what I mean. ;-) Things happen because they happen and the government isn't that clever and you underestimate the general public.

  3. Darren,

    Let's give Daniel the benefit of the doubt. The slim minority of Muslim extremists make it extremely difficult for the average peaceful Muslim who wishes to fly the friendly skies. I give you the point that the IRA bombings etc. made it necessary to profile the Irish. Can you at least see that the minority of Irish terrorists made it difficult for the average Irish person? Daniel empathizes with those who are innocent and then put through the difficulties profiling offers.

    I think humans have a tendency towards bigotry and racism, and it's the Daniels of this world that call us to be aware of this tendency to slide into this behavior.

  4. I'm conflicted about so much, save the fact that Bush is crap.

    "Thanks to United Kingdom (yes, he left out the 'the') for busting the plot."

    He's such an idiot. Sometimes it makes me laugh out of desparation. Other times it just makes me forlorn.

  5. I think we missed Daniel's point. On the one hand, we have people working in the City financial sector receiving huge bonuses. These people use air travel more than anyone else. Yet airport security is trying to save some money by only checking certain people. Also the City people, as major air travel users, are probably complaining about the checks, and "positive profiling" would likely have the effect of exempting the City people. As long as the token minority in your City office travels with someone from the office or at least looks the part (nice suit, no beard, no headgear) they will pass.

    So the City people get the money that should go to the airport checking everyone and making that process efficient.

    It might be comforting to think the terrorists are entirely driven by religious zeal, which causes them to dress and act in profileable ways, but this is not the case. Of all people, who more than terrorists believe that terror works? The front line suicide bomber is often acting out of terror as well. That 85 year old grandmother will wear the bombs too, if the alternative is to receive various body parts of her grandchildren in the mail. As long as she can be convinced of this, she will do it.

    Profile and check everyone before they fly.

  6. UL: your first comment is full of terrible generalisations, most 'terror' is not carried out by Arab people, do I have to point out that not all Arabs are Muslims and do I have to point out that many 'terror' attacks are carried out by white Christians, or Jews and that the targetting of Muslims (who after all can be any damn colour) is daft and dangerous. Your secind comment shocked me but I now know that you know where I am coming from on all of this. It is appreciated!

    Darren: you surprise me, as someone who knows of the danger of the BNP your comments read like the bigots round my end who talk of the students at Epping Forest College (for students read: black and asian) causing all the trouble. In fact as your post goes on it becomes progressviely more racist. Your dismissal of the situation with Asian youth in this nation shows a real lack of understanding but then why should you know? As a youth worker, advisor, counsellour, street worker and someone who has worked within the Muslim Asian community I am at liberty to talk from experience.

    Your comments on the entire Islam faith are offensive, ignorant and incorrect, you should run for the BNP mate with that backward attitude.

    As for your comments on the IRA as if you were at the coalface of the stuggle is laughable and politically naive, also the idea that the UK populace isn't having its rights stolen from under it is again a terrible example of your lack of understanding.

    But have no fear! Keep reading here, keep educating yourself and when I'm proven right I'll welcome you back with open arms.


  7. Excellent post, Daniel. I wish I could be more original than that, but I haven't slept in days.

  8. Daniel:

    What terrible generalizations are you referring to? Perhaps I need to clarify since I'm not privvy to what's happening in Britain.

    Most if not all the terrorist attacks against the United States have been from Islamic groups. I understand that anyone can be Muslim, including Indonesians, Mexicans or even Finlanders, and that there are terrorist bombers who are fundie Christian. I'll give you that. However, the main group of people who are involved in these terror plots against the United States for the past 23 years are Islamic fundamentalists who are a minority of the Muslim world. It is not a racist statement; it is a statement of fact. As much as it pains me to say it, we have to accept this reality and be sure to utilize our limited resources to find these people who want to kill innocent people. All we need is for the terrorists to be successful, and there will be political hell to pay. Then what? Bloggers will piss and moan that we didn't use our resources properly to catch these people. We'll have the equivalent of the 9/11 Commission in the U.S. again and heads will roll as well as innocents dying.

    I don't like it, but we need to profile as justly and compassionately as possible. I see your point; there's got to be some point of agreement.

  9. As for racial profiling, of the 1,912 acts of sabotage committed against the west coast of the mainland United States of America by the Japanese, ZERO were committed by people of Japanese descent.

    Every single act was committed by a WASP American, working in the employ of the enemy power.

    Racial profiling, and the justification of it, are simply a "modern" day extension of good old niggerdom hating racism.

    And nobody hates niggerdom like America.

  10. Col. Dr.:

    Phew! I'm glad all that WWII/ Japanese era terrorist campaigns are over. As to the current situation, I'm not aware of any WASP groups wanting death to the "Great Satan," are you? Any "Viking-like" raids being planned against us from those "terrible Danes?" Were there any German terrorists on the WTC planes?

    I think you need a little more info. and an adjustment in your conclusion. Just a thought.

  11. UL: A lovely friend of mine printed off your comment when we met up last night, as she was surprised that you missed the point. The point being: my government and yours carry out more acts of terror than any other agency in the world, state sponsored terror is the greater problem here but instead we are obsessed with the 'bad guys' and alienating an entire community.

  12. I am at a loss as to how to deal with the terror situations that face us all. There are the possibilities of our governments to take advantage of this situation and gain control over know, Big Brother.

    For example, there is available a chip implant that is available for international travel, etc. Scares the shit out of me! Do we want to do this based on necessity? I sure don't. But will it get so difficult in time that they will have to by fiat, order this for all citizens? Egad, man, I'd move to some cave somewhere and wait out the storm!

    On the other hand, if we put our heads in the sand regarding the current terror threat, we may not be dealing with just exploding baby formula on airplanes. Suitcase nukes come to mind, and if they are dirty bombs, the consequences are too catastrophic for the imagination. So I think we need to plot a course through these extremely dangerous waters that takes into consideration of the evils without (Islamic terror) and the evil within (our penchant for power at whatever cost).

    As to state sponsored terror, I'm not convinced that it is on the same level as the threat due to Islamic extremism. I'm not denying it exists. I'm aware, through some of my friends and contacts, how the Vietnam War was started, for example. VERY dispicable acts were done by our government to foment the start of that War. Was it unjust? Damn right it was!

    So, I think I have my feet on solid ground and am not as naive as you may think. There is always the possiblity though, that I am, which is why forums, such as yours, are valuable. We may disagree, but I think we are sharpening each other. That is good.


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