Saturday, 30 September 2006

Sixth Form Poetry: To Be Alone With You

I don't know what's come over me of late, I'm snowed under with bad poetry, swatting the decency of the English language aside like the wanton destruction wreaked by a giant with a broken heart, toppling buildings and smashing bridges to find the one who has made him become this.

Of course, when he finds her he loses the strength of all of his convictions and sinks to his knees, unable to do anything. Oh to be small again...

Love is a dress that you made long
To hide your knees
Love to say this to your face:
"I'll love you only"
May I be weaved in your hair?
Love and some verses you hear

Say what you can't say
Love to say this in your ear:
"I'll love you that way"
From your changing contentments
What will you choose for to share?
May I be weaved in your hair?


  1. I've got a poem for you called "Sweet Regina".

    There once was a girl called Regina
    Who had the world's only talking vagina
    And from morning till night
    Her fanny spoke to anyone in sight
    Til her boyfriend popped his cock right inside her

    I'll get me coat!

  2. What would any of us do without poetry?

  3. Darren: that's why I love you...Back in town now so we should have a beverage really.

    Jess: I'd be totally at sea no doubt.

  4. Hmm poetry can be sooo cathartic but it can also release those extremely sad feelings which hide under the surface and make one feel even sadder. Bless you Dan, hope you're OK - sending you lots of love and kind thoughts

  5. I had a lit professor who once jokingly said "writing poetry is great fun, just be sure to wash your hands after"

  6. I was glad to see you can still comment, and it's great to be busy, so no worries. I was just checking in with you. I've been thinking about you with the whole child-rearing experience as you and I have similiar tastes and beliefs. If you and Marie decide to have children, I think you're going to love it!


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