Thursday, 7 September 2006

The Story of the Boy who Dressed Like a Moose to Make a Girl Smile

There was this boy and he met this girl, who he thought was the most beautiful he'd ever seen and he thought that she was amazing because she seemed to be from a place where he'd like to spend his whole life.

But the more he got to know the girl, the more he couldn't help but notice all the sadness that sat deep inside of her and this sadness made him wonder why a girl like her should ever be in pain. The boy decided to do something about it.

So the boy went to the nearest fancy dress store and bought himself a moose costume, to this day he has no idea why he choose a moose or why, for that matter, he thought that dressing up would do the trick but that's what he did.

The next time he saw the girl he wore his brand new moose costume, he was very nervous because he was worried she would think he was weird but when the girl saw him dressed like a moose she smiled and then she started to laugh and the boy noticed that when the girl was happy she was even more beautiful and even more amazing.

Whenever the girl got sad, the boy would appear in his moose costume and make her laugh and lighten her heart just enough to take the ache away. This made the boy so happy and made him forget that he was even dressed like a moose and all the people stared at him and made fun of him or called him names.

One day, when the boy was walking home, he asked himself a question he'd never dare ask before: "Why do I do this for her?" and then, to his surprise, he answered his own question: "Because I love her."


  1. Oh the magic of stories.
    This is my favorite. I am smiling.

  2. Thanks, man. I really need a good, warm-hearted smile today. It's been one of them...

    I love you, brother.

    Until some other time...

  3. This is so much better than the Giving Tree because no one gets chopped down. I should print this out and turn it into our new bedtime story. Thanks.


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