Saturday, 23 September 2006

Telford Blues

I've just got back from the penultimate week of the run of Dreams Come Out To Play in Telford (which for those of you that don't know, is in Shropshire, the county I hate the most in the world) where myself, Kieran (on the left), Alex (on the right) and Ana (seen below, blowing her nose) had the pleasure of meeting up with top lords Old Man Rich, Fulla, Fella, Austin and sampling the joys of The Crown Inn. Alas, Merk and Stav were not present to witness us trash the folk night in the back room, sing and play recorder very badly, spill red wine over innocent women, try to touch people's cocks and get into fights.


Going back to Telford tomorrow and no doubt be back in the Crown on Monday for a few jars of fine ale/lager beer and a fist fight with a homophobe. As promised here is Ana blowing her nose...

And here is Kieran dressed as a bear...

We are so living the early years theatre dream.


  1. Don't hate Shropshire just cause a few idiots let you down with your walk thing, it's a beautiful place with some very nice people and loads of history - full of farmers and racist tories but otherwise a nice place for rich Southerners to buy second homes. You've always gone down well in Telford (ooohh errr).

    The pedant in me wants to tell everyone that Telford is no longer 'offcially' in Shropshire but in a new county called 'The Wrekin' but no one really recognises it (including me) but I wont.

  2. Despite your title, it sounds like you had a good time. I can't imagine you and OMR in the same room together.

  3. I think I love Ana........Snot and everything.

  4. Merk: so that's why Telford is all good by me, its cuz it's in The Wrekin and not Shropshire.

    I love Telford, always makes me feel welcome even if my friends can be tits there.

    Jess: I got the blues cuz I is leaving Telford.

    Fulla: I feel your pain.


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