Wednesday, 11 October 2006

A Brief Moment in Time

We talk about how being lost
In a place
Just me and you
A place where no one can find us
Is a bad thing
How it's a denial of the wider world
An impossible dream
That's not worth having
So why do I dream of you?
I feel like a dream
That's not worth having
A bad joke
Where nobody's laughing
Washed up on the shore
With the emotion of you


  1. Hey whatttt up? Long time no see! Holy molly I just saw you on Renegade's blog. How is going over there?

  2. They say "dreams can come true"... But who are "they" anyway?

  3. I'm a firm believer in dreams coming true. But, I also think true love and passion means you don't need the wider world cos youre all consumed by the love you feel for each other. Well, at least that's been my true love experience anyway. :(

  4. I am doing okay, same stuffs in Vegas, just a different day :)

    Check out my latest production:


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