Thursday, 12 October 2006

In the Palm of Your Hand

I make her look me in the eye and lift the palm of my right hand up so it forms a horizontal line. I take my left index finger and place in the middle of my upturned palm, forcing down, making a dent in my skin:

"That's where you've got me, right there, right in the palm of your hand."

She doesn't believe me, I don't blame her but I'm telling the truth. I'm there, right there, vulnerable, naked, exposed, at her mercy.

Do with me what you will.


  1. Perhaps she doesnt want u in the palm of her hand. Perhaps she just wants u by her side.

  2. She's your world. How wonderful is that? Very special Dan. Very special indeed..
    I know a great poem by Grace Nicholls whereby she talks about the whole world in the palm of her hand and the fire and honey contained within that palm. Special and passionate words in my opinion.Wow!

  3. I always thought that metal man looked like my dad. Frank Kelly Freas, the artist, created a truly iconic image there, which he adapted successfully for the Queen album "News of the World". Sadly, Mr Freas died last year. I do love that picture - the plaintive look on the robot's face is great as it doesn't understand that it has killed the man.

    A poem:

    Mr Palm and her five lovely daughters
    Grip the shaft hard and fast,
    But I resist.
    Take pity
    Fingers caress
    Plastic keyboard
    Clattering mass of words
    Push ego into ether
    Feel satisfaction
    Literary masturbation
    On the world wide web.

    I than' you.

    PS. Where's that pint you promised me?

  4. Dunno about this one Danny Boy, being inhe palm of someones hand is perhaps a bit too much.

    I love Viv and the more time we spend together the more in love we seem to get but it's fairly equal at any given moment and we rely on ourselves as well as each other.

    I think the side by side analogy is close... beside when we are side by side we are in the palm of each other hands.


  5. Side by side is better, you're right, but sometimes you're not equal and one day, you hope it all evens out and becomes equal.

  6. So long as she isn't under your thumb...

  7. Dittos to Jessica and the first anon commenter. Well said, very poignant.

  8. .....are you talking about a wank!?


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