Monday, 2 October 2006

My New Headshot

No, not that kind of headshot but an actor's kind of headshot, which along with your CV is your calling card. My new one is directly below, I think that's the one I'm going for anyway, can't quite make up my mind.

Any thoughts?

(Apart from fuck off you ugly, fat twat)


  1. Number two is best. I'd go for slightly profile rather than straight on, but that's just an opinion.h

  2. I like number one the best --- but why is your hair so tousled and tall?

  3. You're quite handsome.

    I know I'm gonna sound like everyone's dad, but...

    What's with the hair?

    You've got a well-shaped face, but with your hair so high and off your forehead, it brings the eye level well down into the lower half of the frame, making you look a bit like Eraserhead.

    But then, what do I know? I wear jeffs.

    If it's how you want to present yourself, I'm sure it will work.

    Of the four, the third one holds your best expression.


  4. So glad you could clarify what kind of headshot we're looking at.

    I like the first and last ones. The photographer used a flash on the middle two and didn't need it. And I don't think you need the chain, unless you want to change your name to "Pimp Daddy Hoffman-Gil".

  5. You look a little like another Daniel.... beddingfield...

    Sorry Dude couldn't resist.

    Good shots :)

  6. Number 3.
    Unless its for a serial killer role in which case number 1.

  7. THE LAST ONE! How many times do I have to tell you!? Although no.1 is a close second. This is the order best- worst: 4,1,2,3. Denise is right: the chain is not a good look for a spotlight photo. Not that you dont look terribly handsome in ALL of course! :)

  8. The hairstyle is the classic "I'm still young and virile and not balding at all...really". Been there, done that, got the T-shirt. Take the razor to it, dude. The ladies love a bit of stubble rubbing against their love bud. ;-)

    And I'm so there for a pint or two, HG. Name your hostelry and I'll bring my wallet. (Though I expect you to bring yours too)

  9. The hair is slightly Hoxton mod, slightly wrong but I like it and agent has asked me to keep it long so its versatile. Hari feedback is appreciated though you guys.

    The last one it is then...

  10. I don't think a comb would kill you. But then again I have recently taken to shaving my head.

  11. Nice hair Dan lol. I would say number 2 is the best but for the chain, it's not a good luck sorry man but you can't have something that takes away from your natural look like a chain in a headshot. But number 1's background is too dark and so is number four. If only you hid your chain.


  12. I like #2 except for the hair. I like your expression in it.

  13. Daniel, I'm in with the last one, 'cos the smile is revealing, like: "yeah, am having a larf!" for artistic reasons ofcourse. The third one sees you looking rather serious,which is o.k., but my visceral impression is that for an artsy person like yourself, your seriousness is already reflected in something like your CV at spotlight. You don't wanna look like you can't carry a smile...

    BTW, when you wrote "computer literate" on your spotlight CV, maybe you could have added "keen blogger", too?

    Yeah, it's all good! But, 6"7'??? Hell, I am SO SO green...;-)

  14. In response to your comment about being well over 6 ft tall, I think tall guys are super sexy!

    Nice headshots, by the way!

  15. Thanks guys and esp Leslie for making me smile today!

  16. Wow! Dont hold back people say what you really think!! :-)
    Hahahaha you asked for it Daniel!

  17. Haha, don't think I know you well enough to comment about the hair, but the second one is a better photo. Higher contrast so your eyes get more attention. With the first one people will miss you on Spotlight.

  18. Number 2. Your eyes.

    Is that creepy?

    Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!


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