Monday, 23 October 2006

Tet Offensive Redux

I think the scales are tipping in our favour but at what cost to life in Iraq and Afghanistan?

By tipping in our favour, I mean the slide from power of the neo-con movement in the United States, as its policies fail not only in the imperialist expansion into Iraq and Afghanistan but also the doctrine of total war and pre-emptive defence that has not held up to the old fashioned brinkmanship (of the JFK school) utilised by North Korea and to a degree by al-Qaeda.

Bush has started making parallels with Vietnam and how the current shocking violence in Iraq (some 73 US troops dead since the 1st of this month) could be the equivalent of the Tet Offensive upon civilian moral back home. The Pentagon is accepting defeat in its military thinking as 12,000 additonal troops poured into Baghadad has led to a 22% rise in violence.

I'd like to leave you with an image of a young American soldier staring out of a window during the Tet Offensive, their is something in his eyes that seems to reflect the current situation: the possibility that no more troops lives will be lost but that what will be left behind will further damage a generation of people in both the US and Iraq.


  1. But if the Iraq war ends, you middle-class pansies are going to have to find a new bandwagon to jump onto...

  2. 1. You're middle class.
    2. It's not a bandwagon, it's a genuine concern.
    3. There are plenty of other terrible things being done in my name that cause me distress.

  3. There you go again with your stupid America-bashing. Did you notice that America won six of the Nobel Prizes and England won none? That is because America and India are the countries of the future. England is the country of the past. You have no brains. You're all stupid and living in the past. Even Bangladesh got a Nobel Prize. America almost had a sweep of the Nobel Prizes. America and India rule. England are full of racist losers like you. That's why England never wins anything.

  4. Sjain: you are blind to the truth, this is not American bashing you weasel, this is the facts of an awful situation, show me where I am not reporting facts and I'll hold my hand up.

    You're obsessed with how good India and the US is but seemingly blind t the fact that India operates a caste system and has massive levels of poverty and the US is an imperialistic bastard threatening world peace.


  5. With every criticism of US policy the thought police require you include the caveat: But they did win a bunch of Nobel prizes.That way you are fair and balanced like the news!

  6. Now that India co-rules with the U.S. maybe they can do something about the stench.

    Hey, maybe next year India will win another Nobel prize. Oh yeah, that bigoted caste system seems to be for a Nobel prize one of these days... How about those arranged marriages? If it wasn't for the arranged marriages and the closed bigotry of Indian society effete Indian men would have a hard time competing for women. Hey, maybe that's why it stinks so badly there. To keep western men away from the women.

    Just because the upper classes of India have their creepy Bollywood and American cast(e) off jobs does not mean India is first world. Don't kid yourself. Right now you are being colonized by American corporations. As long as you are willing to work for peanuts you will be a colony. It seems like that is the only thing you are good at, working for someone else. Once it is no longer profitable the Corporations will cast(e) your dank country back into the third world where it belongs.


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