Tuesday, 14 November 2006

Donald Rumsfeld: I Miss Hating Him Already


  1. Don't worry he'll always be there for you...kind of like old Hall and Oates songs.


  2. Let me make a psychic prediction of the Don's future in business...


    Highly paid board member (without portfolio) for DeHaviland, Lockheed-Martin, Fabrique National (American Division), Springfield Armoury Merchandising Quartermaster's Office, DuPont, and, oh, about eight hundred more shell corporations which make up the military-industrial complex?

    Am I fucking good or what?

  3. Even Lieberman called for him to step down.

    With all those Bush41 people returning, maybe even Colin Powell will return.

  4. Hate him as much as you want. The evil he has done will last for years to come. The man deserves to be tortured.


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