Wednesday, 15 November 2006

God’s Foreign Policy

One thing that has always confused me about the Christian Right in the United States is its obsessional support for the Zionist regime in Israel.

The United States has always been the political heavyweight behind the idea of a homeland state for the Jewish people, from enthusiastic support of the concept of Israel under Truman to what is now a frankly bizarre relationship that feeds conspiracy theorists across the globe as to what exactly America could be getting out of such a one sided partnership.

America’s close ties with Israel not only jeopardise any attempts it makes to stabilise the Middle East but also further antagonises the International community who view the aggressively expansionist and human rights infringing nation as a threat to world peace. America pumps some $1.2 billion into Israel, set to increase to $2.4 billion as well as loaning them some $9 billion, it is of little surprise that Israel is at the very top of America’s foreign aid list.

And there seems to be no clear answer as to why? Where is the payback? America’s special relationship with Israel is a disadvantage in foreign policy terms, especially as the Zionist agenda has leaned further and further to the right and the war crimes carried out against Palestinian civilians increase in their severity. The case is clearly for a socio-political foothold in the Arab-Muslim world but Israel behaves more like a proxy aggressor, American funded violence carried out by Zionist lackeys.

And there can be no stranger ally for Israel than the Christian Right but in Christians United for Israel, they have that partner but unlike America’s funding of this apartheid nation the answer to why is a little clearer: the Apocalypse.

You’d think the fact that Jews don’t recognise Christ as the Messiah and are still waiting for their saviour would put evangelical Christians right off but no, it seems that the Holy Land has be saved and populated with Jews in order for the second coming to come off, although the fact that Jews would then have to convert to Christianity and accept the second coming of Christ as their Messiah or burn forever in hell, doesn’t seem to put Israel off from building ties with these mentalists.

Frankly, Israel needs allies wherever they can get them and the Christian Right forms a powerful lobbying group in US politics so even if they don’t agree with the Christianisation behind the concept of End Times, they’ll bite the religious bullet to make an unlikely ally in difficult political times.


  1. “God’s foreign policy”
    “there seems to be no clear answer as to why?” the US taxpayer is obliged to prop up Israel, you ask.
    Simple: Jewish/Zionist money finances both main parties in America, as well as Jewish interests having a virtual stranglehold on the American media (The UK isn’t quite as bad, but almost.), whether it be print, broadcasting, or the Internet. Then, of course, there’s the Hollywood propaganda machine, and we all know who owns, runs, or otherwise controls all the big studios, don’t we? Consequently, the Jewish/Zionist/Israeli tail wags the American dog.

  2. Both Zionists and whacko Christians share an apocalyptic vision involving the "god" mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible.

    However, like all religion, these are just devices by which the leaders keep their citizens in check, for fear of eternal damnation.

    The fact is, the US wants Arabian oil, and Israel's existence can be contributed to that one single reason, and no other.

    Without Arabian oil, there would be zero aid to Israel. In fact, at its inception, the United States was vehemently against the formation of a Jewish state.

    Once they got the joke, that Israel was actually to be an excuse to displace the pesky Palestinians and to be used as a staging area for stealing Arabian oil, all was well.

    The problem with Israel is the same problem with every race. What is a "real" Jew? Is it a Hebrew person, or can anyone observe the Levitical Law and be considered Jewish?

    Does a Jew need to be a Zionist, or is it possible that one can be Jewish and live in America or Britain?

    When compared to the formation of Nazi ideology, Zionism follows the exact same pattern of self-discovery, and results in the exact same fascist, self-superior kind of mindset which characterised Nazi Germany and Alabama.

    A rabbi once commented to me that the Jews had survived the world's worst fascist regime...only to become it.

    I would caution my rabbi friend that a Jew is not a Zionist, or an Israeli by default.

    Like all political entities, Israel is a potpourri of conflicting self-interested parties abusing the sensibilities of everyone they can exploit, and continuing to push the limits of what they can get away with until someone righteously wipes them off the face of Earth.

    It's just politics, that's all.

  3. Croyboy: you're talking absolute, anti-Semitic bullshit, churning out tinfoil hat Jewish theories about how they control everything. Sorry, your thoughts on this are flawed and offensive.

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  5. “Sorry, your thoughts on this are flawed and offensive.”
    I humbly accept your apology. …But does “flawed and offensive” merely translate as “I don’t agree with you”? If not, you’ll find with a little digging that what I previously mentioned (media ownership etc) is far from theoretical, and if you choose to be offended, that’s hardly my responsibility.

    Anyway, hey, if you can’t stand the heat…

  6. Croyboy: translate, no, you're churning out tired racist cliches based on tin foil facts that have no place in a decent discussion.

    And no, I can't stand the heat in an anti-Semitic kitchen.

  7. I said “Jewish/Zionist money finances both main parties in America”.
    True, or not true?
    I said “Jewish interests having a virtual stranglehold on the American media”
    True, or not true?
    When faced with the truth from those or us who are not so easily cowed (i.e. those who don’t seek a career in politics) the same old knee-jerk reactions emerge about being anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic, “Why does everyone hate us?” blah, blah, blah.
    Maybe if you didn’t make such a big deal about being different, no one would notice: ever thought about that? Even worse, people might not even CARE, my life!
    Why don’t you give your ego a rest for five minutes, and actually get a life?

  8. Croyboy: your terms of reference are the problem here, 'Jewish' money does indeed find its way into the coffers of political parties but it pails into insignificance in the face of other funding streams and sources, they do not own politics you daft racist.

    Secondly, Jews do not own the media, this is as tired and bigoted as it is wrong.

    You seem as dogmatic and as set in your ignorance as the Zionists that inflict pain on Arab communities, see how similar you are to them and move on to higher ground.

  9. With respect, your obvious ignorance and naivety regarding media ownership is a problem here.
    I suggest you spend a little time finding out who owns, runs or otherwise controls most of the US media and allied trades such as public relations, advertising, and publicity industries, not to mention Hollywood. Then might it not be too much to expect an apology perhaps?

    Also, what’s with this weird pre-occupation you have with race? To be accurate, this is a mere extension of the tribal squabbles that have blighted the middle-east for millennia. However, in the last fifty years unfortunately, the rest of us are being unwillingly (and dare I say it undemocratically) dragged in too.

  10. Your opening paragraph could not sound more tin foil hat wearing and cliche if it tried, the only thing you've not said is that Jews are good with money...Really, I have read many things on this matter and you're churning out rubbish.

    Weird pre-occupation with race? That'll be you Croyboy, who seems to like to blame Jews for most things...