Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Here is the Advert!

I found it! YAY! Click here for a link to the advert in question, my phone has been snowed under with texts from mates who've seen it, which is all good by me.

Any comments on how much of a twat I am will be gratefully received...




  2. Duuuuude, you got paid how much for saying "fancy another cuppa" ? right wheres my acting for dummies book !!!

    Well done now... write more ballads.

  3. dammit! I hate it when Old Man Rich beats me to the puch line.

    Cool for you. I can't wait to hear about your US encounter. I look forward to seeing you.

    Break as many legs as needs be.


  4. encore encore!!
    bravo darling bravo!
    Good thing you're classically trained eh?
    he he he he he he he he he

    ps love the overalls ;-p

  5. That if FANTASTIC!
    *Runs around flat exuberantly screeching, "We're famous! We're famous!" with the ridiculously deluded notion that somehow your fame will rub off*

  6. No wonder you are a friend to the white British've just become their poster boy!

    "Here luv, I'm just spunking away me giro on those new James Bond scratch cards dat I saw on dat there telly..."

    You are going to Hell for this, HG. And I will be there poking you in the butt with a rather large toasting fork.


    (And now have the same advert rating as Ross Kemp - the original face of Fruit 'n' Fibre)

  7. LOL i like how ur sat further back and slouched so you don't look too tall, was that your idea or there's. I guess ill come across that at some point lol

  8.'re kinda fuckable after the scratch thing is done...

    Is that what this "cuppa" stuff does to people?

    Um...which version does the "alleged" Darren giggle and masturbate to? Either way he's either wryly humourous, or a fucking wanker. White underclass poster boy indeed.

    My television debut had less tits and blue dress in it... :(

  9. It's a bit surreal to hear your words after all this time reading them. You sound (& look, too, of course) great!

    I hope it leads to many more illustrious roles for you. Well done.

  10. I'm scheduled to be in London on the 18th. Maybe I'll see you on an actual tv! Cheers

  11. dan, was that really your voice? it didn't sound like you?.. although that could be testament to your fine acting abilities?

  12. Just noticed, in the picture your right leg appears to have two knees!

  13. You know, I thought that was you!

    Love the boots.

    O, and the concrete mixer.


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