Wednesday, 22 November 2006

Idiot at the Window

I was stood on the outside looking in for ages

About 12 months to be honest

I so wanted to get in but you wouldn't let me

I must have looked like such an idiot

When you eventually let me in

I didn't want to go inside anymore

Now we are both idiots at the window.


  1. Glad to see you're alive. Thought the emo flu had taken you...

    We're all idiots. Let's celebrate our humanity by spending money on a holiday inspired by a religion that's only taken seriously by psychopathic killers.

    And there's a lighted tree just for kicks.

  2. You say so much with what you leave out.

  3. i'm glad to see comments enabled. i thought you disallowing us. *waving exuberantly from the window*

  4. OUCH thats the worst thing when someone realises too late and your paths just can't meet anymore as you go beyond the point of no return.


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