Thursday, 14 December 2006

The Holocaust Conference

Nothing turns my stomach more than those people that try and somehow downsize the systematic evil of Nazi Germany’s Final Solution and dress it up as genuine academic research, when really it barely masks their anti-Semitic worldview.

The Holocaust Conference in Iran is a deeply unsavoury event that unfortunately seems to find many supporters in the more ignorant elements of the blogosphere. Regular readers will know that I am no fan of Zionism and the regime currently in power in Israel, regular readers will also know that I am a vigorous defender of free speech, even in the most extreme of circumstances (such as this sham of a conference) but that doesn’t mean I cannot voice my displeasure at those that believe this mock conference is anything other than a crude, idiotic stab in a wet paper bag.

The Holocaust Conference purports to investigate the details of the Holocaust but contains not one single academic or historian that is an expert on the matter, more importantly, the sheer wealth of data on the Holocaust provides such an undeniable wall of evidence that crushes all doubt of the size and scale of the genocide that debate is at best pointless and at worst, rooted in utterly corrupt and anti-Semitic values. What is the point, other than to cause distress and sow the seeds of racism, of arguing whether 5 million or 8 million Jews died?

The point seems not to lay with the Holocaust at all but rather that it led to the formation of the state of Israel, its role in the psyche of Zionism and as an excuse for the brutal expansionist policies of Israel. It also seems to be some pathetic attempt at a tit-for-tat testing of the Western world’s free speech ideals in the face of those silly cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, which is an easy win for the West as we haven’t burned any flags yet or got ourselves in a rage over two-dimensional images.

Frankly, there are some events in world history that are above such petty minded exercises in political game play and it is so vulgar, so disrespectful of all those that died, to try and demean events in order to score political points. Those involved are cowards, they do not dare to honestly expose their anti-Semitic views and they would rather hide them behind the dead bodies of Dachau, Auschwitz and Belzec than stand up for their so-called beliefs.

We cannot go back and remove the state of Israel; whose formation rose from the ashes of those slaughtered, we need to move forward, together, for a peaceful solution in the Middle East which will involve compromise on all fronts. Of course there are Zionists who use the Holocaust for political leverage, those that justify acts of terror under the umbrella of those terrible events in the past and these people stand shoulder to shoulder with all those that abuse the memory of the Holocaust and use if for political advancement.

I shall leave you with an image from the personal photo album of a member of the Einsatzgruppen, who labelled it ‘The Last Jew of Vinnitsa’, it documents the moment that the last of some 28,000 Jews in the Ukraine village of Vinnitsa was put to death. It speaks volumes in this time of empty, desperate language.


  1. I wanted to say something glib about Mel Gibson. But the photo sobered me up. Shocking. Disgusting. Shameful to be a human.

  2. I think "shameful to be a human" is a little much, unless one is extricably linked with those who, in these unregenerated times, carry on the murderous policies and malevolent, self-interested spirit of the Nazi machine.

    I certainly don't feel ashamed to be human because the United States of America is serial killer of children, for I vocally and very openly denounce them, along with all fascist pigs, Israel included.

    In the end, the kings of the world are all murderers and liars, and I pride myself in remaining free of their propaganda and manipulation.

  3. I tend to agree that the conference is a "pathetic attempt at a tit-for-tat testing of the Western world's free speech ideals". It is also a sobering reminder that "ethnic cleansing" should be spoken of seriously and honestly in the Middle East. Instead of arguing against the reality of the Holocaust, the world would be better served by a conference on the prevention of such atrocities.

  4. It was amusing to me to see in a photo that David Duke was wearing an ID badge.

    Yup. There was a listserve and conference attendees did receive a conference bag with ID badge, free trial-size products, daybook, notepad and pen....

    After the convocation, they attended "break-out" sessions and "roundtables."


  5. The events of World War Two, as part of human history, should be open to study, debate and scrutiny and in that respect are exactly the same as any part of human history.

    Zionists apparently feel free to regurgitate World War Two allied propaganda ad infinitum.

    The rest of us are free to critique it - along with the amoral, duplicitous and bizarre behaviour of those who attempt to turn one interpretation of modern historical events into a new world religion imposed by force of law.

    If, after 63 years, our critique occasionally lapses into ridicule, you will no doubt forgive our transgressions against Jewish exceptionalism - as we attempt to forgive those who continue to defend the violent terrorist antics of the shitty little apartheid State in the Holy Land.

    Can't expect you to understand forgiveness... but you might try it sometime.

    It would help you to grow out of pre-rational tribalism.

  6. Hello Holocaust denier! How are you today? Bit grumpy?

    There is nothing regarding The Holocaust to debate or study, it stands as fact. Leave it at that, picking at it nly makes you look mean-spirited and cruel and worst of all anti-Semetic.

    Your very strong feelings regarding the state of Israel are noted, I'm sure you approve of the violent actions of the Palestinian people to free themselves and I'm sure you see no problem with that; so be it, your approval of violence speaks volumes.

    I certainly have no love for that place called Israel but also don't think you have any answers and pretending that an atrocity didn't happen is at best childish and at worst and ignorant crime.

    I understand forgiveness plenty, that's why I'm forgiving you but you also need to understand remembering history.

    PS: you just made pre-rational tribilism up to hide your offensive views but that's okay because one day you'll grow out of carrying placards saying free Palestine at silly meetings.

    Keep up the good work.


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