Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Observation From Sunday Night in Camden

That's complicated.
Reminds me of this bullshit.


  1. Guess you're not a big fan of Jimmy Carter's new book, eh?

    Well, I think people have a right to persue "intellectual diversity" and should have the same claim to "tolerance" that "diverse" people claim.....

    It's their right, just as it's the right of a Catholic bishop to marry and then face excommunication from the Pope. Strange, misguided, whatever, they're at least pursuing their own happiness.

    I know what you mean, though. Sometimes it's hard to tell how people got a bug up their ass one day that they're gonna go out and promote something that... strange. It's amusing to me....

  2. They're just stealth evangelists.

    No different from the anti-abortion people who set up "pregnancy crisis centers".

  3. All religion is a manipulative, disempowering conspiracy with the attainment of wealth and control over people's lives as its only motive and motivation.

    "Faith" is a cheaply-disguised form of fear, and is strongest in those "heroes" who are too cowardly to face our common mortality.

    Religion is so proficient at removing one's humanity that it is one of the most important tools in the world's other mass disempowerment conspiracy, that of government.

    True heroes, and true visionaries of the human adventure resolve very young that to trust anyone but one's own self is foolishness, and to fear death is to be enslaved by stupid ideas of eternal paradises.

    Only when a person has matured beyond the lie of the need for a god can they begin to live, enjoy what time they find on earth, and find true meaning for that time.

    Only then can fear of death--which is actually fear of no longer existing--be put aside so as to not disrupt one's enjoyment of life. Accept the truth, then be free.

  4. I love "Jews for Jesus" because I just don't get it. What's next? A Christian Koran?

  5. Why is it surprising. Name a more widely known and popular Jewish figure.

    Ok. Apart from Moses.

  6. And the top 10 mismatched religious collaborators are:
    10. Kikes for Christ--NOT affiliated with J4J
    9. Mexicans por Mohammed.
    8. Zebras rather partial to Zororaster.
    7. Lithuanians liking Lao
    6. Bengalese Baptists bubbling about Buddah
    5. Muscovites mad about Moonies
    4. Tantric Texans stupidly babbling on about Tammuz, who they know nothing about, but will invade anyone who dares make them look dumb on camera.
    3. Bali Baal Babes.
    2. The Ku Klux Karaites.
    And, now, the #1 nonsensical pairing of weak minds and weaker metaphysical philosophy:
    1. Americans who believe democratic principles still influence the executive decisions their tax dollars pay for.

    Suckers, all.

  7. ""Faith" is a cheaply-disguised form of fear, and is strongest in those "heroes" who are too cowardly to face our common mortality."

    Very Nice.

    I never understood why the natural fear of death would force people to live in such an unenjoyable way. Does god really give a shit if I eat meat on fridays, if I face east 5 times a day or what I do on the weekend? Why would I worship such a petty god? If heaven exists in the afterlife wouldn't hell be lving forever on earth?

    Raised a catholic, I can never remember not doubting or ever really believing. I guess my own ignorance shows when I can't understand how people can actually believe in religions. Maybe it's because most of their arguments sound more like apology in an effort to prop up their belief or subdue their own doubt. I never met one that didn't seem to be putting on a front.

    j4j are nothing but fools like the rest of the misguided ignorant religious zealots.

  8. I'm starting my own organisation. It's called "Atheists for Allah". Anyone care to join me? No, thought not...

    Who said "fatwa" at the back there?

  9. Atheists For Allah announced today that they're proud of their new slogan, "There is no god but Allah--but he doesn't exist."

    The slogan has become the driving force behind their nonexistent Christmas In Ramadan campaign, intended to raise absolutely no awareness about the group, and hamper their fundraising efforts so that they can hope to do nothing whatsoever.

    Impressed at their ability to mean nothing, and accomplish less, while choking the life out of every media outlet available to humankind, the British government today announced that Atheists For Allah had been assigned to head up its new anti-terrorist organisation, in order to compete with the American Bureau of Homeland Security in every way.


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