Wednesday, 6 December 2006

Slow Dance on a Tube Platform

As the train was pulling in to the platform

I took your left hand in my right

And my left slipped around your waist

And we slow danced to the love song in our head

Oblivious to the passengers swarming past us

Lost in our world

What a beautiful place to be.


  1. 3 minute poem:

    A Strange Frottage

    Bodies, pressed in silence
    Tube train moving slow
    Hanging on for life
    Praying I am not there
    Compression sickness
    Pressure building
    Eyes turned downwards
    Ignoring the smell
    Bad breath and armpits
    Lights flicker and brief darkness
    Welcome respite as I am somewhere else
    Train jolts to a stop
    Propelled forwards automatic
    My groin finds your arse crease
    And for a moment we touch
    But just as suddenly
    Strangers again
    On the tube train

  2. This reminds me of my ex-fiance (the drug addict) who has so many wonderful traits (outside of the lack-of-self-control-&-honesty issue). He would grab me and dance with me anywhere, humming softly in my ear.

    Men with no inhibitions are so appealing.

  3. Please forgive me for continuing our little exchange in the ‘wrong’ place, but I was unable to post you an answer in the original section.

    You say “Your opening paragraph could not sound more tin foil hat wearing and cliche if it tried…”
    Actually, I began said paragraph mimicking your own, but let that pass. And what’s this thing you have with tin foil hats, which you’ve mentioned a couple of times now? You seem to move in some seriously weird circles!

    As for the Jews being good with money, few would argue that they certainly tend to have an unhealthy preoccupation with it, but then I’m sure you already recognise that much.

    So, I seem “to like to blame Jews for most things...”?
    No, an oversimplification: I certainly blame SOME Jews and Jewish interests for SOME things – and reasonably enough, surely? After all, the illegal establishment of Israel has poisoned the atmosphere in the Middle East in particular and the Muslim world in general for the last fifty-odd years. It therefore follows that those people in the West who choose to identify themselves as Jews and support the continuation of the state in question are part of the problem – especially if they have influence out of all proportion to their numbers, and thus are a completely unrepresentative minority of the countries in which they reside. …It’s this thing called ‘democracy’, you know?

  4. Croyboy: the comments were closed for a reason, depositing your unwanted comment here is not the answer, I will not convince you that you are wring in your attitudes towards Jews and you will not convince me of your beleifs regarding the Zionist influence in every sphere of our existence.

    No matter how much tyou hammer you won't break me and more importantly I do not want my blog to act as a conduit for your offensive views, verging on the anti-Semitic, I will not delete your comment but please respect my thoughts on the matter and drop the point.

  5. Hey croyboy. Jews make great lampshades, don't they? And they fall all over each other real quick when you drop some Zyklon B into the room. Then they cook up just fine.

    You're probably too obtuse to figure it out, but I just called you a Nazi.

    Now invoke Godwin's law, claim victory, and fuck off.


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