Thursday, 25 January 2007

Comment Blues

Oh dear.

It seems that a certain person has been abusing the comments system on this fine blog and, via a series of malformed sock puppets, has been talking to themselves like a big asshat.

Seems the previous post had not made my feelings quite clear enough on the matter but now I'm hoping that the individual in question will show some restraint and respect and stop being a twat.

Here's hoping...


  1. That guy was right. You do support the war and censorship and everything evil.

    Maybe you and Bono have more in common than I thought. I'm shopping at Macy's from now on.

  2. I don't know abou restaint or respect, but can't we conclude from all this that all teachers end up turning into some kind of whorebitch who stabs the people who are right in the back?

    We certainly can.

  3. BORING!

    I've been very patient indeed but the endless spamming up of the comments on my blog with party politcal rants and offensive name calling does not constitute discourse.


  4. This was absolutely nothing compared to the Great Flame War of October 2006. A lot of users were hurt in the fighting.

  5. In all fairness to the much maligned Col. Dr., who is a genius of propaganda bar none and will be remembered as a great hero of this Patriotic War against the oppressors, he never did operate along party lines.

    Egalitarian principles did show through his masterfully biting remarks, and personally, I thought you would have been impressed with how he got even the most sang froid commentors to make the most ridiculous statements, all in order to protect a defunct ideal about American virtue.

    Through the ages I, myself, witnessed innumerable heroes cast upon the bleached rocks by those who have no hope of understanding universal principles. This magnificent man, the Col. Dr. is another example which gives us hope that the species may survive in spite of its best efforts.

    I believe your Christ used the imagery of a winnowing blade which separated life-giving wheat from choking weeds. Isn't it obvious that your fallen hero, the martyr Col. Dr. has revealed more than his share of weeds among you?

    If there were flames, were these not the fires of destruction ridding you of these tares?

    Lo, if it is to us Immortals to judge, we turn our faces from you, and put oil and wine in to the poor man's wounds. Truly a god among you has been maltreated.

  6. I agree, Virgil. We should have listened to the savior of our civic sensibilities, instead of nailing him to a tree because we're all a bunch of exciteable Jew mobsters.

  7. I cant believe you posted this blog only 2 hours ago and already there are SEVEN comments on it!! GEEEZZ!!

  8. I'm glad you finally put your foot down, for all the good it did you.

    This shit is really getting to be a pain in my ass.

  9. Daniel, looks like you're having fun. Not. We had a troll in the Sweet N' Saur blog for a while, but she eventually got bored.

  10. Jeez, I go away for a couple of weeks and all the sudden people are all nya-nya!

    I dunno, Daniel. You inspire some who've never dared speak to speak, so they need time to figure out what to say. That's my take on it.

    I hope you're recovered from seeing the naked Spanish gay guy.

  11. I'm a teacher and not a whorebitch! At least I don't think I am.

  12. Sorry to hear about the trouble. I think we should start handing out asshats to the people deserving of them.

  13. Blimey Dan, you have all of the fun over here. I've had one dodgy comment and that guy faced the wrath of Sara, I can tell ya. He's never returned..shame!

  14. Oops! I didn't notice moderation turned on.

    Are you still getting inundated with junk? It was actually funny that one night a week ago, it was so over the top it did appeal as a certain absurdist kind of humour.

    But I understand you shutting it down. I don't think the person in question knows how to be a cut up for a time, then show restraint.

    Too bad. Obvious intelligence, but without self discipline, tiresome.

  15. Amidst the weirdness, here's me saying hi.

    Here is a new psychological disorder I learned about while reading the Guardian today: 'Body Identity Integrity Disorder' where people won't be 'whole' until they lose a limb. How amazing is that, it's a paradoxical linguistic quandary, like something Derrida would write!

    Brody xx

  16. Denise: great to have you back and thanks for myspace invite.

    Dave: agreed man!

    UWL: you are not a whorebitch, I promise.

    Sara: I have persistent maniacs here...

    Bud and Matt: don't go changing guys!

    Brody: nice to have you round man, all that study is making you clever. Fuck me that's a postmodern trip.

  17. Col Loser is impersonating me and not doing a very good job at it. Note how he hasn't figure out how to insert a picture when he use "Other" to post and pastes a link to my profile.

    Pretty pathetic actually.

  18. Funny how no one tries to impersonate a mom/teacher who rarely cusses in her posts. I suppose it's a bit like mimicking the stranger on the bus who acts like every other stranger on the bus. Watch out for dozens of bland comments, Daniel. The Jessicas are coming.

  19. Jessica, you are not bland and your imput is much needed.


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