Sunday, 7 January 2007

Debating Saddam's Death With Eleven Year Old Children

I've taken some work on at the moment, teaching debating skills to 10-11 year old children in the Upney area of London.

Debating is a pretty dry subject matter, it has lots of arcane references and a bewildering set of rules and can seem quite alien to kids used to having a bloody good chat but I've found that the framework of regulations it provides enables children to feel safe discussing quite heavy topics.

You may be surprised to know that it wasn't my suggestion to throw around this particular political hot potato, I keep my beliefs away from the young, the kids themselves had been discussing it and wanted to try out the debating techniques I'd taught them on a subject they felt passionately about.

It was strange watching a 10 year old justify capital punishment and inspiring to see them have such a good grasp of political issues at a young age (never mind the images of his death they had been exposed to via YouTube) but the best bit came not when the class voted that the killing of Saddam Hussein was wrong but when one young speaker said:

"He's killed people, we've killed people. How can we hang him? If we hang him, we have to hang ourselves as well."


  1. Make sure they know that rotting bodies really smell bad.

  2. Never doubt that you live a wonderful life.


  3. There's a lot of things that could be said, and no depth of rancor that would do the depravity of Christendom the justice it deserves.

    In the end, debate is useless. Even if you convince some people to think fairly for a short time, some unintelligent American pig like Christianne Amanpour is going to brainwash them.

    Humanity is not about thought, fairness or quality of life. It is about making the choice to reject the lies of every side, believe nothing anyone with any agenda says, and to find fulfilment in helping one another protect each other from government and organised religion.

    The only alternative to this true sort of human life is to be a participant in the Great Lie, that we require oppressive, lying, murdering, cheating, stealing pieces of donkey shit to be in power over us.

    Even saying we are as culpable as Saddam is ridiculous. We are only as culpable as we have allowed the donkey shit to commit their crimes in the world. If we have striven, as a very few of us have, to try and prevent their crime sprees, only then can the conscience begin to be assuaged.

    Actually preventing their abominations would just be gravy. Unfortunately, with the prevalence of cowardly pieces of less-than-donkey-shit kowtowing to the donkey shit dictators who have appointed themselves above us, any chance at a real life is pretty much a pipe dream.

    Unless we all move to Cuba, and how many of us would really fit on that tiny island?

    On a moot subject, doesn't anyone remember when George said he was invading Iraq, that "this is the guy who tried to kill my Dad?"

    Why was Saddam murdered? A petty blood feud over an incident caused by George's dad in the first place.

    This is the kind of lunacy you absolutely refuse to do anything about, and my whatever god you fear damn you for your cowardice.

  4. I didn't mean your god should damn you, Daniel. I meant any scum Americans who refuse to kill their president immediately.

    Sorry if I caused any confusion.

  5. Bush's statement expressing a regret that Saddam's execution didn't have more "dignity" fell flat for me.

    There can be no dignity with capital punishment.

    And, by the way, I work for the U.S. military, Col. Dr. I found it interesting that Saddam commented in the media that his American captors had treated him very well and, according to the soldiers, had developed a bit of a rapport with them.

    Blanket statements about one country or another is just stupidity. I mean, my parents would vote for Hugo Chavez over George Bush any day.

  6. In the past, the fallen dictator would have been quickly shot by his captors or handed over to the baying mob - thinks Ceausescu and Mussolini. Of course, the great dictators always martyr themselves before they get captured and this shows what a coward Uncle Saddam really was.

    Of course, if they had wanted the punishment to fit the crime, they would have fed Saddam feet-first into a woodchipper - the favoured method of torture used by his murderous progeny.

    As for the kids, they are kids and are naive. Once they get the weight of the world on their shoulders and pay taxes, be the victim of crime and suffer the usual ignomies that most of us go through, the concept of capital punishment won't be such a bad idea.

  7. Matt: Mind your own perverted business and await your grisly fate at the hands of Justice and Dignity.

    Your propaganda crap about what Saddam did or did not say is what falls flat for me, after your lies that he was dragged out of a spider hole in the desert. One of your own Rangers admitted Saddam was firing back from the second story of the house.

    In short, believing anything an American soldier, who is operating under both OPSEC and theatre vetting rules, is stupidity.

    In fact, anything which doesn't end with the immediate death of Bush is stupidity, and I urge you to immediately kill your president, you brainwashed, stupid American peon.

    Stupidity began in the late eighteenth century when, as was noted by your gay president four score and seven years later, your foreskined fathers put forth on my precious continent a new nation, one forged in the ideal of "fuck everybody, but rob them first," with new definitions for "justice" and "liberty," one piece of shit parasitic organisation of thieving murderers under the banner of the Christian god.

    You also err in saying that making a blanket statement about any nation is stupid. For instance, it is completely criminal and stupid that America has no universal healthcare system. It is also stupid that the American people have encouraged and allowed Bush to wage this war, either by their direct support or their inability to stop him.

    It is stupid for people who have the gift of (albeit fake) democracy to become the abettors of the world's greatest evil, and it is stupid that you would think you have a moral leg to stand on.

    You should quit your immoral, evil, stupid work for Satan and either work on a Venezuelan fruit ranch or maybe pull your head out of your ass and realise how bad it's gotten for your puny country and its puny brained citizens.

    Of course, you'll be filled with patriotic indignation, which proves there is no hope for any of you. So, go now, pithy American. Off you go. Shoo, you pester me.

    Cheney engineered 9/11, and Bush punched its ticket. Your leadership is your doom. You are stupid and you smell. You are responsible personally for all these sins, plus those of the perfidous Israel, and all beecause you're too much of a pussy to get Tased by your fascist cops a little. You obediently pay your taxes and hide from the truth, and even go so far as to defend and cheer them on.

    Your grisly death will not, of course be satisfactory, but due to your shortsighted, insane, and very stupid leadership, a great deal of the American population will be made to suffer in the same way. Perhaps relief for the real world, the non-American world isn't that far off.

    Ah, what a glorious thought...the death of the bloated American beefalo. If all it takes to dream is a little "Allah Akbar" then, for Christ's sake, what are we all waiting for?

    Allah Akbar! Yay!
    Allah Akbar!

    Are you dead yet?

  8. As you can see matt, the "col. dr." is neither a colonel nor a medical doctor. He does not demonstrate the discipline that would be required to have ever been a colonel in anyone's army, He does not demonstrate the compassion that would come from having worked in medicine. Perhaps he has a "doctorate" from one of those places that will also ordain you, but he is no MD.

    He is incapable of advancing any solution to any problem, that does not involve the mass death of others, and/or appointment of himself as world dictator.

    He believes he is doing something about world problems by telling anyone he believes to be American (whether he is right about that or not) that they will die in some horrible way, because they are not agreeing with his armchair pontifications.

  9. Plus the fact that the American trophy show-off, after they illegally tortured Saddam's taxi driver into fessing up where the Great Saddam was hiding, including the whole, "Ladies and germs...we got 'im" bit was illegal.

    Broadcasting pictures of prisoners of war is illegal, as the pussy Americans were all too quick to point out when their fairy flyboys were paraded by the glorious, and victorious armies of the North Vietnamese, may their triumphant reign last a thousand years.

    In fact, the consistency with which America loses wars to glorious people doesn't put aside the fact that their immoral murders in Iraq, the cold-blooded killing of Bush's rival not the least of them, are completely, and 100% illegal.

    Even Gerald Ford expressed this blatantly, prompting Criminal #1 to pass over his funeral--even though it was an American State Funeral for a FORMER PRESIDENT.

    Yes, Matt, you really are trying to serve your satanic masters well by mouthing off about what a great experience Saddam (Allah bless him and his seventy two virgins) had at the hands of your clumsy, fat, unintelligent military, but this only reveals the true evil contained in each and every American soul which is not actively fighting for a return to democractic principles and the expunging of the bourgeoisie from the face of the earth.

    Allah Akbar!

    btw, the war crimes detailing Americas sins were insisted upon by the Americans in a self-interested attempt to avoid flagging morale when the stupid American people--stupid being used in the unintelligent, Flowers-For-Algernon-without-the-miracle-brain-surgery, dumb as fucking posts sense--saw the price they would have to pay for their international crimes.

    America was founded on an imperialist footing, which always intended to fuck over anyone naive enough to trust them. Therefore, they will die, and horribly.

    Even Pat Robertson says a million of you pasty fat fuckers are going to hell this year. Allah bless that man, and send him along with you.

    Fucking wanker nation.

  10. It's allahu akbar dummy.
    As is Allahu Akbar min kulli shay'

  11. And bud's idea of compassion is to bugger little brown children right before hitting their orphanage with hellfire missiles.

    All Americans are evil and must die. Why are you still alive? Why hasn't someone taken your useless lives yet?

    These are the only relevant questions.

  12. Fuck off Cranked Yankee, I'll incite death to all Americans how I damn please.

    I don't give a sweet fuck if it's Alluah akbah, akbar Allu'hua k'aif seh tem maine, or Jumpin Jesus on a Pogo Stick--dead Americans as the result equals the right chant for me.

    It could be howdy doody, or poody woody for all that matters. As a Col. and a Dr., I see the efficiacy of anything that destroys the evil you are imbued with as good medicine for the entire planet and species.

    While matt and bud may enjoy licking each other's spittle from george's crack, that doesn't prove me wrong.

    In fact, 99.9% of the world waits with bated breath for you scum to die. Why not try a few magical incantations between now and your grisly destruction?


  13. Look, cocksucker Americans, if you're so down with your war and all, then why does your government have to lie to you about how many of your soldiers have been killed by reason of the hostilities in Iraq?

    Please note, they only report those killed IN Iraq. Unfortunately for you, since you can't think and wouldn't want to if you could, the military, as a propaganda measure, does not report those who die enroute to Germany as war dead.

    This is why "iffy" cases are whisked out of country immediately. It's not that they give a fuck about the grunts who are paying for your greed and immoral inability to exist with a reason, they only care that you don't get too-too upset with their little mincefest.

    Almost ELEVEN THOUSAND American service personnel have died as a result of injuries or wounds sustained while on active service in Iraq. These numbers are HIGHER THAN VIETNAM when compared. You fools could use real information to free yourselves from the bullshit, but instead this factoid will just make you more pussy scared, and run further underground with your prissy fear.

    11,000 dead. Your war, your responsibility, your grisly deaths.

  14. Could you enlighten us all, "col. dr." as to why our ("our" meaning everyone but you) deaths must be grisly? Would not any kind of death do the trick, as long as each and every person you disagree with was dead? In either case, we would not be around to taunt you, either in word or by the mere fact of our very existence.

    What methods of killing would be acceptable to yourself as meeting your standard of "grisly"?

    Do you intend to cause some of these deaths yourself? Or just sit in your armchair fuming about it? If you leave it to other, more "brave" people, how do you intend to ensure that you yourself will not be one of the targets?

  15. You know it's a Special Moment when someone shuts off comments for a particular post.

    Btw, that lady is totally ugly and has no class. ;)

  16. I just read those last comments.

    First of all, Bud, I'm not sure why you're knocking my intellectual credentials (Perhaps he has a "doctorate" from some place that would ordain you....) because you seem to be taking this clown quite seriously.

    I agree w/ your other points, however. People in those disciplines are usually fine people. I'm aware of the American propanda (I don't believe Saddam was found in a spider hole or that he had anything to do with 9/11).....

    Everything else he said was ridiculous. I used to work at the Pentagon and I know people who do wear that uniform.

    Bud, you can piss off too. Wanker.

  17. Brrrrrp...Pop....Screeeeeech.


    to you too Dr Doolittle.

  18. Actually, I deserved that. I should be reading a book instead of fighting w/ Internet trolls. :)

  19. Matt eats poop like all Americans.

    You will all die horribly for your poop eating sins.

  20. In case you all can't tell, the title of this post was discussing the American murder of the Immortal Victor Saddam with preteen children.

    Our good and mighty Col. Dr. thought it would be interesting to see if he could prove that an 11 year old English child is more poignant than a pack of American adults, and between bud's deranged fight with Matt, and Matt taking my utter bullshit on point, I think I did a pretty good job.

    Unfortunately, we're left with this reality, because everything I've said, including the scat comments, is absolutely correct according to very expensive data obtained at great human cost.

  21. Yes, the old "I was just kidding", coupled with "you should take this seriously" and "I planned to get you guys going". Nice attempt at rising above it all while us "deranged" people fight among ourselves.

    Ah, the smell of rhetoric in the morning.

    Entertaining, as usual, and you have done absolutely nothing real about the things you harangue everyone about.

  22. I proved you're all less capable of dealing with your country's crimes than schoolchildren.

    I'd say that's a major victory in the propaganda war.

    I'd also say that it's clear proof that you, bud, as you drink your Pabst Blue Ribbon (aged in real ether for a whole afternoon) in the wee hours with nothing better to do, should pull your head out and join a group that doesn't affirm its own powerlessness at every meeting.

    Maybe then you could grow a pair and help stop a war.

  23. I think Bud summed it up nicely. To converse w/ Col.Dr., I'll need the proper accessories: for one, a hat made of tin foil.

  24. Col.Dr., for entertainment value, I'd be interested in your take on a well known American by the name of Patrick J. Buchanan.

  25. Matt,
    Here is Col Dr..ool's opinion of Buchanan, "zip...wrrrrr...crack...pop....bzzzzzzt.....woooosh..shit down your neck.....farts!"

  26. Mr. Speaker, it is without malice or rancor that I ask you to notice that the "Crank" in Yankee's name, as shown in his avatar, is clearly a maturbatory reference, and his cutesy "zip...wrrrr...crack...pop....bzzzzzzt...woooosh...shit down your neck.....farts" bit is obviously the soundtrack.

    Hence me being absolutely correct about the wanker nation, and hence me being right about everything else.

    Notice also, Mr. Speaker, that the intellectually unarmed Matt has run out of witty things to say, and is working on damage control. We hereby forward a motion relegating Matt to guffawing hillbilly status, several ranks below the Honourable Barney Fife.

    Sorry, Matt, you can't straddle the fence between "My dad's a traitor communist who'd vote for Chavez if he wasn't already selling himself as a Cuban manwhore" and "Baby killer."

    Now that the guffawing hillbilly has revealed himself to be Pat Buchanan, unable to control, surely by means of Christian virtue, his false pride and feelings of powerlessness, the final pieces of this sordid pageant, which, we remind Ms. Buchanan and all members of this assembly, started over the question of schoolchildren debating the immoral, evil, stupid, sinful, and therefore entirely Christian murder of Saddam Hussein, fall into place.

    At Ms. Buchanan's invitation, that we here at Col. Dr. Productions offer our "opinion," of him, although we earlier proved what we think is absolute fact, we humbly offer the following observations:

    1. Pat Buchanan studied journalism at Columbia University. To interpret this for those who are still misled by the notion that America operates as a democracy, we identify Ms. Buchanan as a liar, who by profession is tasked not with bringing facts to the public's attention for independent analysis and wise rumination, but rather to distract, delude, and otherwise boondoggle the American mind so it doesn't figure out the scam of American "leadership."

    2. While attending Columbia University, Pat Buchanan authored a propa-journalistic piece titled, "Rebirth of a Nation," taken from D. W. Griffith's racist movie from 1915. In this piece (of shit), which Buchanan used as his Masters dissertation, warned of the "dangerous" ideas Malcolm X was bringing to American youth, once it had become apparent that white suburban teens were responding to his call for interracial harmony.

    Filled with lies and deliberately inaccurate statements, Ms. Buchanan's "journalism" drew attention from well-connected government sources, and helped punch his mealticket as a mouthpiece for the racist coven known generally as Greenwich, Conneticut.

    Less-well-known is that while Buchanan was writing his lame old, "beat the nigger, make the grade" piece, he was also experimenting with cocaine, Maoist philosophy and trisexual orgies. Of these, only trisexual perversion, which is considered a completely Christian activity as demonstrated by long-time partner Jim Baker in the late 1980s.

    3. Pat Buchanan is half German. His father, the Butcher of Buchenwald as he was affectionately known by his uncle/lover Adolf, became famous when he was sent by Goebells to team up with Leni Riefenstahl and create the modern scheisse film.

    4. Most insultingly, Pat Buchanan is...wait for AMERICAN. Trump card played, hand taken.

    Mr. Speaker, in closing we would like to again point out that we have been 100% accurate in our scientific analysis of these questions.

    The fact remains that, regardless of how many masturbating patriots zip and pop in lieu of rational communication, the American people are less-well-equipped to deal with the issues raised by the illegal acts of their government than an audit class of British children.

    This being so well proven by the extension of this thread, we demand the immediate withdrawal of the American people from the human race. This is an extreme demand, however their ignorance and refusal to go home and leave the world's people alone to raise simple crops to feed their children has forced our hand.

    We would poop on them, but as we've demonstrated, they would take it as a sign of affection. Therefore, it is the dehumanisation of the American abomination or its utter destruction.

    Thank you.

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. That was pretty much what I expected and I was greatly entertained (did someone Google "Buchanan" + "criticism?"). Col.Dr. reminds me of another doctor....


    (Yes, this bloke is daffy. I fart down his sophomoric neck.)

  29. (He's just mad 'cause we saved their asses in 'Nam.)

  30. Mr. Speaker, though further comment risks causing the confused young Matt to think himself wise, or special, or important, we beg your indulgence in only one last matter.

    Having clearly proven the illegitimacy of any notion guaranteeing the continued existence of the United States of America, we need not return to pointing out the exact nature and nonstatus of the matt.

    Instead, we would like to register our puzzlement at why this Matt character would think the United States of America "saved our asses" in Vietnam. Surely a FORMER employee of the Pentagon would have enough military knowledge to know that the Vietnam War was not participated in by Canada.

    As is common knowledge to any school child, forty thousand Canadians did indeed join the various American armed forces in order to serve in Vietnam, but this was not part of any cooperative operation involving the government or nation of Canada.

    Also, Mr. Speaker, it is apparently unknown to the matt that of the forty thousand Canadians who served in the American armed forces during Vietnam, it never once occurred that any required having "their asses saved" by any American participant.

    In fact, as the FORMER Pentagon page (we can think of no lower position which comes with such a lack of historical and/or practical information) would realise were his head not permanently wedged in his pelvis, Canadian officers were exclusively used to train American special forces until the Vietnam era, and continue to dominate the key leadership role in joint task force operations between Canada and the United States.

    Not only does the matt specimen further embarrass an already-pathetic America with his baffling need to keep ramming his foot in his mouth--no small feat when one's entire head is already up one's ass--but he commits an error against history with his wacky "we saved their asses in 'Nam" bit.

    The question remains: if it wasn't we who the Matt claims to have saved by the ass in 'Nam...who was it? Independent scientific investigation by Col. Dr. Productions staff have provided us with the answer.

    The people matt claims to have "saved" by way of ass were, in fact, Russian advisors to the North Vietnamese Army and their adjutants with remnants of the Viet Minh and Viet Cong forces.

    As history teaches, specifically on how badly America lost the Vietnam war, it is obvious that the "we" matt refers to are responsible. With these new considerations, we announce that we are no longer completely suspicious that matt did indeed work for the Pentagon, which couldn't fight its way out of a wet paper bag.

    In fact, should matt's next explosion of verbal diarrhea admit to perpetrating the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington, or fess up about America's willful, knowledgable attack on Iraq in lieu of real evidence of WMD, then we may even entertain the possibility that the matt does, indeed, work either for the American military, the White House, CIA, or Haliburton.

    We end, Mr. Speaker, even more prestigious than before the matt opened his pie hole yet again, asking the open question of just who the imaginary heroes in America's mind saved the asses of, and why can they not get it together enough to save the asses of more than one million innocent women and children by blocking the illegal warring actions of their government by all available democratic means?

    Until that question is answered by the cessation of American imperialist murder, anything any baby killing Yanqui piece of shit says is just masturbatory self-impuning bullshit.

    America. Bullshit. One and the same.

  31. we may even entertain the possibility that the matt does, indeed, work either for the American military, the White House, CIA, or Haliburton.

    You may certainly entertain those possibilities, as they may in fact be correct, Col.Dr.

    I am quite amused that there's some bloke out there w/ more spare time than me at the moment. If I had my druthers, I'd be Daniel in the above photo.

    I actually thought you were a British national rather than a Canadian when I made that joke. And I confess I didn't write that bit of wittism. I was quoting Homer Simpson.

    Gotcha. (They say a sense of humor is a sign of intelligence in mice and men--actually rats.)

  32. Again the Matt misses the point. We are unwilling to suspect him of being engaged in any activity other than low-volume masturbation, at which the Crankin' Yankee seems to be screeching along.

    Our point, if you could read, was that, should you profess to have "saved the asses" of the 9/11 terrorists (notably Dick Cheney and Karl Rove), or put them on the plane, or been responsible for the truck bomb which damaged the Pentagon (later claimed to be a 757), or if you had intimated some of the inside details of George W. Bush's prescient, premeditated, willfully illegal invasion of Iraq, only then would we suspect you of working for your nations alleged "protectors."

    You, like all your little bitch countrymen, are the laughable victims of the greatest hoax in history, next to the Resurrection.

    Never mind that you claimed to be a former Pentagon worker , yet failed to provide certain qualifying details which would easily have verified your nonexistent (because you're a poop eater) employment there.

    You would also know it is a common, discreet courtesy to exchange molinyas, because you just never know who you're talking to.

    You would have known many things...but let's look at the fact pool.

    Beginning of list:
    You jerk off.
    End of list.

    So, while you get dismissed with a laugh and dismissive wave (as you and your delusions of grandeur are being dismissed) why don't you go make yourself a nice Star Wars video with a light sabre and mom's video camera. This is obviously as heroic as it gets for the little, powerless, my-dad-loves-Chavez wanker.

    Cranker: If you don't stop it, you'll go blind.

  33. Impressive, isn't it, Matt? And Cranky, you already knew about the earlier field trials of the "Col. Dr." AI system, but you may not have known about the recent upgrade.

    The Col. Dr. 3.5 system has been greatly improved over the 3.0 version. It has auto-google features so it can usually deliver a good sequence of claptrap to any comment mentioning its moniker, and the context sensitive response pruning has been enhanced, so it provides a much more convincing imitation of intelligent debate.

    Admittedly it still needs a lot of work, but in the restricted class of problems presented here, it is certainly providing entertainment, if not true reasoning.

    In such an advanced system, it is difficult to test all cases, but we think the "swearing" fill in problem has been mostly resolved. The inference engine was upgraded, and we relaxed the "maximum time to response" setting, so the system is less likely to resort to "filling in" its output with swearing.

    As mentioned previously, the swearing fill in feature was kind of a joke from 1.0, but the higher ups thought it was funny and saw it as useful. When the system is in operation, it is an easy way to tell if the system is keeping up with a conversation.

    It has also proved useful in other ways. We kept those earlier versions around and now are negotiating with phone company to provide a system of that vintage for their collections department's call center. For some reason they believe that swearing at delinquent customers may help their collections rate.

    And you're right. A sense of humor would make the system seem intelligent for a longer period of time in typical interactions. That is what is most lacking and is our biggest challenge. It would allow much wider deployment of the system.

    As you can see, your Homer Simpson reference went right over its head, and it continued riffing off your "saved asses" fragment but tried to tie it to 9/11, Cheney and Rove. Conspiracy theories are of course part and parcel of the system. One of the early goals was to use it as a kind of interactive "carnivore" type sifting system, except it would be actively engaging people and looking for details to slip that could only be known by insiders. A great idea, but we still need to increase the system's credibility. There was some thinking that the current version might be able to draw out such details by its usual over the top asinine behavior, but preliminary results show people detect it is just making things up, and they respond with made up stuff themselves. So we continue to refine the system.

    Thanks for participating and being such a good sport!

  34. You are so pwned.

    What easy bitches are the Americans. Such impotent, powerless bitches.

    I so pwn you all.

    btw bud, the molinya reference was for you. Another obvious (easy) fail on your impotent, powerless, bitch-boy part.

    I pwn you all. Have nice lives, whatever cruddy time remains of them.


  35. Every so often there are vivid examples that prove, once again, that "sometimes less is more."

    One more observation - it appears that Canada's universal health care program is severly lacking in its mental health services. Dr. Col, perhaps you could help them identify this serious flaw in the system. Just a suggestion.

  36. Nice work Bud. The upgrade is showing promise. I think all that is left is to tweak the tantrum triggers. The auto-google is truly impressive. I'm glad you left the masturbation fills and omnipotent heroism. They bring the heat.

    Once again give your team my congratulations and big "byaaaaaaaaah!"

  37. Pwn!

    The depth of how utterly pwned you American scum are is summed up in the words of a child:

    "He's killed people, we've killed people. How can we hang him? If we hang him, we have to hang ourselves as well."

    As the latest mortar attack by American scum on the innocent women and children of Iraq proves, it is high time for America to start bombing itself.

    Oh, wait. The WTC, right. It appears that the American leadership has finally reached the mental maturity of an eleven-year-old child.

    I own you all, you pithy beeches.

    I win times infinity, locked it, no 'rasies, no touchbacks.

  38. And for the anonymous coward who thinks less is more, as in "no health coverage whatsoever is better than FREE UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE!," we have identified a flaw regarding the mental health of our nation.

    It would seem there are three hundred million CRAZY PEOPLE living due south of us. Now, they don't like us when we're enjoying our LEGAL POT, or relaxing downtown Toronto with your transplanted movie stars, who walk around TOPLESS in full compliance with our progressive decency laws.

    These CRAZY PEOPLE, being dickless and impotent, have a queer fascination with guns, and are too busy SHOOTING EVERYTHING THAT MOVES to realise what a bunch of fucking lunatics they are.

    This is permitted to occur, because their leadership hates them, and undermines their auspicious Constitutional rights for sport.

    We would worry more about this if the American people were sympathetic enough to warrant concern, but somewhere between 1776 and 1895, they buttfucked the "sym" out, leaving one pathetic bunch of CRAZY PEOPLE.

    So, enjoy that festering sore on your undersized, over-wanked "less is more" sort of equipment. And enjoy dying in Iraq so Dick Cheney, with the recent plunge in Haliburton profits from the rape of the Middle East, even the real reasons for starting this war have run out.

    Um...enjoy dying, CRAZY PEOPLE. I'm going to go downtown and smoke a couple reefers, maybe catch lunch with a half-naked Angelina or Tyra. Don't pity me, I'll be okay, you just go and shoot that oil from those little crayon-stained fingers.

    You are so pwned.

  39. Bud, interesting stuff indeed! I've read about another bot system on the Internet so I was aware of this technology but I think it does pass the Turing test. Barely.

    But of course I would say that now. :)

  40. Typically American. Completely wrong, utterly stupid, and totally pwned by me.

    Very American indeed.

    Beeches. My leetle beeches. :)

  41. Oh, wait. I forgot to point out how jealous you are.

    No legal pot, no half naked movie stars. No healthcare.

    Nothing to do but hope with all your heart that bud's delusion of a hyperintelligent is true...because the alternative means you're twice the poop eaters the Col. Dr. has proven you to be on infinite occasions.

    Holy fuck you make me powerful. I totally pwn!

  42. By the way, I hope our gracious host doesn't mind me borrowing the themes presented by the retarded American contributors in my homage piece, "Debating Saddam's Death With Retarded Pwned Americans Who Lack the Common Sense of Eleven Year Old Children.

    You are all so...defeated.

  43. Call out Gouranga Be Happy...
    Gouranga Gouranga Gouranga
    That which brings the highest happiness!

  44. Fucking hell!

    I go away for 5 mins and it's all kicking off!

    Love to you all!


  45. ;) VERY pith...y Cranky! Beautiful.

    Col. Dr. ....... meh

  46. Pwn, anonymous. And you misused the word "pithy."

    We could expect no better from a coward.

  47. col. dr. – What, you missed the subtlety of my comment to Cranky? Sorry, it's not all about you. *yawn*

    BTW, your real identity has eluded me. Oh, wait a minute... are you "THAT" col. dr.? How could I have not recognized you? Of course that is you ...the faceless and nameless uniform guy/girl from Canada noted for his/her droning and bashing on style of communication that resembles the confusion of a horny Catahoula hound set loose to romp in a warehouse of mannequin legs.

    Just call me ... Not Impressed.


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