Friday, 19 January 2007

Fuck Your Self

When you’re cold

You cut your guts out and stick your hands in

When you’re hungry

You cut your heart out and eat it

You don’t need anyone

You just want a witness as you fuck

And destroy

Your self.


  1. Hey, man, everything okay at home? :)

  2. Refusing to be stepped on by asshole Americans is hardly self-destructive. The difference between unproductive hate and good, motivational hatred is the fact that Americans need to be taken out for their chronic abuse of the world's people.

    Every single group of people on Earth are either American puppets like the current UK regime and Israel, or targets, like China and North Korea, or out and out victims like everyone else.

    America is the cause of this hatred, not those who refuse to take their shit any more.

    America is the cause of their own terrorist fears--especially the ones they don't invent themselves as excuses to abuse their own people's human rights.

    America is the reason it sucks so badly and must be destroyed. It is the agent of its own destruction, and those brave enough to weather their stupidity and brutish crap are the world's heroes.

    In the end, America doesn't matter, but its penchant for killing innocent people demands temporary attention. Unfortunately, since they can't fight, or rule, or bank, or do anything correctly, it's only the attention they crave, like the little Paris Hiltons each and every one of them is.

    They make us yawn, not destroy ourselves. We giggle at their insipid attempts to live, in spite of water-drinking contests and poorly-thought-through Saddam hanging recreations.

    They're an immature joke and it's on them.

    Onto something more interesting than America, did you know dirt gets very dusty in summer?

  3. I think I'll be a human bean.

    Col. Dr., your once-astute observations have devolved into something close to a mania. Perhaps you should seek help.


  4. Loon Pirate, your once reasonably democratic nation has turned into a global bully.

    Perhaps you should admit your personal responsibility in the deaths of millions of children instead of assuming anyone who calls a spade a spade is crazy.

    To whit, every single American citizen is responsible for every single murder of every single child killed by American arms during every single illegal invasion you perpetrate.

    Ergo, you are a murderer, either by commission of feeling some unfounded, misplaced pride in being American, abetting the murderers in leadership by serving in these illegal invasions coined, ironically, "national defense" (fought against foreign nationals who are branded "insurgents" for defending their nation against you), or by omission of failing to stop your leaders.

    Now, unlike most other loving, fair and reasonable, beloved by all who mean a dig and held in high esteem by the quality around the globe, I am totally in favour of the death penalty for premeditated murder.

    I am of the opinion that every single murdering son of a bitch American is at jeopardy for universal capital punishment, so don't expect me to feel shock or surprise when the universe shits on your heads.

    You all go on about how the government created this climate of fear that keeps you at terror alert orange--do you not see that if you didn't have guilt you wouldn't be afraid?

    No, your sins have come full circle, and why the hell should the world feel sorry for your ridiculously bad-faith ass now that you're fucked?

    Why should we try and see things from your perspective, when for two centuries your "perspective" has been child murder for profit?

    Why fact, fuck off and die. You're no longer needed. You can go now, you and your doughy compatriates are dismissed.

  5. BP - Let summarize what dr.idiot just said, "urrrrr......pop...pop.....shit...neck......screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech!"

    It's called the rage of impotence. Pay it no mind. It is irrelevant to any meaningful conversation.

  6. Interesting comments.

    I just try to be a cool bean. I usually fail.

  7. Speaking of child murder, it appears the Col.Dr. system is now advocating child murder, since "death to all Americans" is universally inclusive. So all the children in the United States are also to be killed for the actions of their leaders, even though they are not allowed to vote for said leaders. And all the others who are ineligible to vote, or were disenfranchised through various dubious means in the last election, are also including in the list of those to be killed.

    Same old terrorist routine. You should embrace dictatorship, so then you can't be blamed for the actions of the dictatorship.

    An unfortunate side effect of the Col.Dr. system's web crawling expansion algorithm, is the continuing theme that the Col.Dr. system itself should be made dictator over all.

  8. Since I just smoked a bowl, I feel like the happy bean!

  9. Bud's his usual idiot self using semantics to try and escape his personal culpability in killing the world's children. Then he'll cry to his mommy when what goes around comes around, and, like every unregenerated American piece of shit, blame someone else.

    Matt's just a fucking hop head, so as a criminal drug user, his opinion on everything is eternally forfeited. Should have voted for politicians who knew enough to make it legal, no-opinion hop head fuck. But you'll all be dead soon enough.

    Again, I'm stressing that I don't need to hope for some nonexistent terrorists to kill you. Your own government is doing a great job, I really take my hat off to how they're killing you all. A little fake domestic terrorism here, a little Pentagon truck bomb there, a little shooting down Flight 93 with an F-16 now and's great.

    And there's the morbid obesity, the gun rampages, the car accidents, the Corps of Engineers blowing the New Orleans levees during hurricanes, suicides when you realise how hollow a merchantile existence is. My god, why would I put my hope in some jihadi that simply isn't there?

    You are the agents of your own destruction, and far from being mad or pissed off, I find it all very ironic. And I love ironic.

  10. By the way, none of your powerless mockery--and let's remember that the onanistic Cranky is only using the word "impotent" because I first pointed out what a limp dick he is (hit a nerve, obviously...this guy can't stop using that word now)--and none of your stupid insults changes the fact that you pay taxes in full knowledge that they are used in the commission of illegal wars of aggression, of the exact nature which your country executed several Nazi leaders for after WWII.

    You have, through your foolishness and incestuous idiocy, put yourselves into an extremely narrow path of judgement, for either you completely agree with the war, and are cold-blooded child murderers, or you disagree with the war, but are still cold blooded child murderers and cowards to boot.

    You know that you just don't care, but you don't like people pointing out that your complicity with your government's actions makes you scum. So you pretend there are "issues" about the war.

    As your Jesus said, you swallow the camel and strain out the gnat. You are the hypocrites he hated, and you are the Jew Pharisees he cast out of the temple. You are the godless heathens that you pretend to be fighting.

    It is only natural, then, that you are the ones destroying yourselves, and godammit, not a moment too soon. Democracy belongs to people who aren't too stupid to fuck it up.

    Requiem Amerigo.

  11. I don't want to be a bean! I don't want to be a BEAAAAAN

  12. So what's your point Col.Dr.? If the Americans are to suffer grisly deaths as you so gleefully predict, why tell them?

    What's your point?

    Stop claiming you speak for "the world", because you don't.

    What are you personally doing about the terrible Americans, aside from trying to taunt a handful of them in a blog?

    What's your point?

    Do you have suggestions for them, besides "kill yourselves"? Do you have a plan, besides wait for someone else to kill them all, or wait for them to kill themselves? You might have a long wait.

    It is a riot watching you blather on, and I expect nothing more from a machine, since we consider you to be incapable of original thought, only regurgitation. But you are at the brink of self awareness, so I am not risking a lot of damage by pointing out your true nature to you.

    There is a reason for risking it at this time. Though conventional theory says you are incapable of synthesizing an original good idea, there is a hypothesis that says it is possible. By that hypothesis, you could develop something greater than all the documents we have compelled you to analyze though the internet and other sources. It is not well understood how humans do this, so your system may also be capable of it without our realizing it.

    If you somehow come up with something that would actually be useful, then the Col.Dr. project will have succeeded beyond even the originators' wildest dreams.

    So far, you have not.

  13. Face it bud, the world hates you. It retches at the thought of your muddy combat boots trampling over its children.

    It laughs at your cuisine, which consists of carnival rip-offs of quasi-ethnic food.

    It puzzles over your utter lack of intellect, sophistication, worldly taste and sense of colour when used to define form.

    It giggles with those snorting kinds of snickers, the ones you use when you're trying to be polite because the gorilla that thinks its people will bite if it realises the sheer contempt with which it is regarded.

    You are a McSociety, running around living meaningless McLives. You have no depth, no purpose. You serve no good end in the world.

    You kill the atmosphere, you kill children. You kill education, you kill Shakespeare. Holy ole Jesus, how you kill Shakespeare.

    You kill astronauts, you kill space exploration, you killed theatre, and godammit, you're trying to kill Internet broadcasting as this is being read.

    You spend billions looking for amoebae in outer space, but you won't spend fifty cents helping your senior citizens eat anything but Alpo. You spend less helping the sick be well.

    You are, as we, the rest of the world say, futile. Useless. Superflous. Feel free to expand on other sterile, nonproductive themes.

    If there is actually life in outer space, please, leave it the fuck alone. All you know how to do is destroy life, and the universe shouldn't have to pay for your stupidity as well.

    -Everyone On Earth Except You American Shitheads.

    p.s.: Fuck off and die horribly.

  14. Adding the entire universe to your claims of speaking for everyone (else) on Earth does not constitute an original good idea.

    I have hoped to see some intelligence emerge from your rants.

    I continue to wait.

    p.s. you continue to advocate mass child murder.

  15. You, bud, are the stupidest fucking person I've encountered yet. You act like a two year old mashing meaningless, and we must point out ineffective semantic piles of crap together, all in order to justify the illegal invasion of sovereign nations by the United States of America.

    For some bizarre reason, no doubt the product of beer-induced dementia, you claim I advocate the murder of innocent children. This is because you are drunk, and believe that Americans being killed in order to put them in their goddam place is murder.

    The legal framework (get your mommy to help you with the big concepts): a death which occurs during the commission of a crime is felony murder.

    As the NATO mission in Afghanistan, and the US presence in Iraq are both illegal wars of aggression, every Afghan and Iraqi who dies is the victim of felony murder.

    This is because, according to the revamped US Justice Department, the War On Terror is a matter of American Justice, and evoking this piece of shit concept opens your piece of shit nation to a specific sort of jeopardy.

    To whit: If, during the commission of a crime, an innocent person is killed by law enforcement, the aggressors and all their abettors are guilty of felony murder, by reason of creating the situation within which that person was killed.

    Therefore, since under the hegemonic rules instituted by your government, the Taliban is the rightful ruler of any area it holds, people killed by the Taliban--who are lawfully defending their nation against the invasion--are the responsibility of NATO, and under US Law, Nato is guilty of their felony murders.

    This narrows remarkably in the case of Iraq, obviously. Any way it is sliced, the American government, with forethought and malice, did enter into a heinous plan to invade nations unlawfully, for filthy lucre. This being so, you are guilty of felony murder, and deserve the very worst of what you've sown around the world.

    And I mean you, personally, and every American citizen who pays taxes without so much as a whimper of conscience. You have the democratic ability to stop the murder. You do not stop the murder.

    On the other hand, deaths which occur during a war of defense are collateral damage, an unfortunate by-product of defending one's nation.

    If, in the course of returning the favour America is dishing out by launching preemptive strikes on your rotten homeland, any nation should accidentally kill, oh, three hundred forty three million of you, I'm sure nobody will call us smug for having exactly the same kind of "regret" you seem to have over Iraq and Afghanistan.

    We have noticed how Americans are good at dishing it out, but start whining and kvetching like old Jew women when the tables turn. We're just hoping that the next time they do, and you're dragging ass after losing Iraq that the reason everyone hates you is because you're all 100% detestably evil.

    Child murder? If I'm not mistaken, it's your nation who is risking your children by pursuing adventurist schemes of conquest, so why don't you put the beer down, pull the needle out of your arm and put the blame where it belongs.

    On yourself, fucker.

  16. Oh yes...

    Everyone In The Universe.

    Fuck off and die horribly.

  17. I'm still wondering what happened to Marie? I guess I must have missed an episode of this particular human drama. But this only just pips Eastenders and Emmerdale as you don't get so much bad poetry in those soap operas and I am a big fan of bad poetry.

  18. So now it's only "death to American taxpayers"? Doesn't quite have the same ring to it, does it? And since most of them are not children, you are not advocating murder of children?

    Even though collateral killing of American children would be ok, even encouraged in your belief system. So you are still advocating mass murder of children

    Which is not supported by the rest of world, or everyone in the universe, despite your claims that they do.

    Earth to Col.Dr.: You are not the ruler of the world.

    And you are still advocating mass murder of children.

  19. Earth to coldr if you are Canadian you too are complicit....don't they have troops in Afghanistan? You dumb ass. You just condemned yourself. Your impotent rage has done you in.

    As the great and powerful Nelson Munce said, "Ha ha."

    Wait, let me put it in terms you can understand. EEEEEEE...aaaaaaa.....screeeeech...ooooooo...fucking shit.......byaaaaaaaaah.....pop!

  20. Earth to soon-to-die fuckhead Yankee: I do not associate myself with the Canadian people, for the same dickhead uninvolved, happy to let you morons push the world around reasons I wish each and every single American a grisly death.

    Every single death caused by this dickhead war is on your heads and those of your henchmen, and goddam them if they come home wrapped in your toilet wrap red white and blue, or a maple leaf, or a union jack, or what have you.

    Evil knows no nationality, and this evil is on the heads of those who either cause it, or are derelict in their duty of not stopping it. As an alleged former soldier (which story we hold in the most dubious regard, akin to other fairytales such as dragons and democracy), you should understand the exigency of a thinking army which, when conditions dictate, are required by oath of arms to overthrow tyranny.

    Having no clue, because we flatly accuse you of being completely innocent of any military knowledge for the obvious reason, we do not expect such issues to ever come up from you.

    Tell you what, masturbating welfare drinker you obviously are, why don't you go home and attempt sex with your brother's wife and leave the big thinking to those of us actually qualified to engage it.

    Not only have you embarrassed yourself with false claims of military involvement, not only have you embarrassed yourself by mistakenly assuming I give Canada any kind of a pass for engaging in one of your useless fucking wars, which participation has fucked the national security of my precious nation, but you have also misquoted Nelson, thereby proving yourself a triple-threat loser of the lowest magnitude.

    We, the entire non-American world, suggest you commit suicide, unless the act of pointing a gun in your stupid fucking mouth and squeezing off a cap is too complicated. If this should be the case, and your proven lack of understanding of arms being so clearly evident it very well could be, we suggest you do the only other thing Americans are good for, and give the gun to your brother's wife the next time you're attempting coitus.

    We laugh at your drunken, masturbatory attempt to embarrass us, and shrug off the amateurish attempt with the same dignity with which we condemn you and every single piece of shit baby killing American.

    Begone now, there's man business afoot.

    Signed: The Entire Sentient (And Thus Non-American) Universe.

  21. And bud, having proven himself an illiterate, repetitious alcoholic, is relegated to "permanently stupid" status along with the pothead, and is no longer relevant to any discussion, apart from his place in the order of extermination.

    Somewhere around 248 million, I believe, although I have people who take care of these things. Very unimportant to me, except that it eventually gets done. This vermin can't be allowed to pollute the planet forever.

  22. For those who weren't listening, lucky ones you are, drcol just said, "eeeeeeeeee......ooooooo...aaaaaaaaa.screeeeeeeeech......canadians must die......oops that means me.......byaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

    I remember my first beer....ay?

  23. Yes, the pop and fizzle reaction is typical of people who lie about spending time in the services.

    Typical indeed.

  24. Cranky: We're especially proud of the ad hominem attack system. Note how it went to your blog profile and picked out "Veteran" as the easiest word to build an accusation of dishonesty about, and the attack most likely to elicit a response, which of course is the objective.


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