Monday, 1 January 2007


It was a good one, which means it must have been really good because I hate new year normally. I made sure I didn't do my classic wine/beer/cognac mix so I didn't puke all over the place, just got dry mouth and seriously starting to consider a life without drink in it; really don't enjoy booze so may start going straight edge.

Does that make me square? Do I give a fuck?

Trotted around Camden, got called Pat from Eastenders, bought the most expensive round of my life and saw in 2007 by kissing the most beautiful girl in the world.

Then off to a proper boozer for plenty of shouting at DJs to play the right song, being annoyed by short arse cunts who resent how tall I am and think that gives them the right to talk to me and hoping and praying that this year is full of acting work and being side by side with the woman I love.

Peace, love and respect to you and yours.



  1. Same to you, here's hoping 2007 is a great year for us all!

  2. You watch out you don't get a shank in the thigh, beanpole.

    I mean, peace.

  3. Those short arse cunts sure can be a pain.

  4. 2007 will be the worst year in living memory for most of us. The true scope of American depravity will be exposed, according to their imperialist formula.

    Watch 'n see.

  5. Happy New Year to you and the cunts with whom you associate! x, c

  6. Happy New Year Dan - May you have a wonderful 2007!x

  7. "saw in 2007 by kissing the most beautiful girl in the world"

    That's what everyone who predicts a great 2007 did! The rest who didn't, think it will be bad...

    Glad to see you have bounced back from the land of the broken hearted.

  8. Happy New Year!

    I'm short, so I'll get me coat.


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