Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Pray to the God of Adverts

Ever since I got the job for the Casino Royale Scratchcard commercial (my first ever ad job), I have hit a strong run of form when it comes to being considered for and securing acting jobs in adverts. It’s something that I hope continues for many years, as not only do adverts pay well but they also increase your exposure to a far wider audience than most other acting work; sometimes to markets that never previously knew you existed.

After the James Bond tie-in (which was also on the big screen), I got a massive break securing the lead role in an advert that will be hitting the screens in the good old USA very soon. No more details as yet, so as not to be in any breach of contract but it’s a very funny commercial which I hope will get me seen by important people over in America and lead to more work there; so keep ‘em peeled my United States readers!

Then followed a great job shouting at a TV in Ealing for SkyBet and their horse racing gambling madness and a few weeks ago I shot a commercial for legendary British cider Strongbow and yes, they do film the famous arrows slamming into the bar for every single ad rather than just using stock footage.

I put the good run of form down to being funny, weird looking and my regular prayers to the God of adverts. I’ve got another audition tomorrow so if you could all have a brief word with Lord Christ of commercials, I’d be very grateful.



  1. I want to ask for your autograph before you get too famous ... but bartering like that would be bad karma. So, I'm saying a prayer. Best of luck.

  2. If I ever get famous I shall not leave behind my blogging comrades, they shall join me on my journey!

    Unless I get so famous that blogging is banned by my agent...

  3. Dude, I look forward to seeing these adds as a montage on "Before they were famous" Well done and good luck for future auditions.

    As an atheist I'll just wish you well, no one to pray to !!

  4. O God of Adverts, which art all powerful,
    Hallowed be thy Name. (Saatchi?)
    Thy kingdom come,
    Thy will be done,
    On Sky as it is on terrestrial.
    Give us this day our dose of junk food adverts,
    And forgive us our credit history and CCJs,
    As we take on yet another loan that will only end up bankrupting us.
    And lead us willingly into temptation;
    But deliver us from the BBC who doesn’t advertise (openly).
    For thine is the kingdom, the power, and Daniel’s future pay packet,
    For ever and ever

  5. Getting work is a good thing! I hate to be leaveing my boy, but money is somewhat important if we want to feed him.

  6. Hooray that we won't be left behind (unless it's for some bastard of an agent!)!!! Yeahhhh!!!

  7. Here's another version -

    Our father, who art in adverts
    hallowed be thy pay;
    Thy money come,
    Thy subliminal will be done,
    on Earth as it is on Madison Avennue.
    Tell us this day,
    which daily bread,
    to consume for we are lost without you;
    and lead us always into temptation
    and deliver us to corporate evil, Amen


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