Monday, 15 January 2007

Rise Above!

If in doubt, take inspiration from a Black Flag song…

There are some people out there who swim in shit and try and drag you to their level, I should know, I used to be one, back in the bad old days: so full of hate, anger and loathing for everyone and everything. I hated myself so thrust that hate into the face of others and tried to drag them down to my level: base, primitive and violent.

I smashed up everything around me because I couldn’t stand to see stuff that wasn’t as broken as I was, what a disgusting idiot, subhuman and substandard. It’s addictive to be destructive, self-centred, selfish, and self-mythologising; to this day I find it hard to rise above when someone or something offers me the chance to sink low but what can be gained from it? Nothing. Nothing at all.

I used to pretend that I had nothing to lose; I was deluding myself because it was easier to pretend no one cared than take responsibility for myself, my actions and the feelings of those people that cared about me.

I don’t give a fuck if I sound like Oprah Winfrey, you’ve got to take your own life in your hands and make it something better. And that’s what keeps me going whenever I feel like sinking, I never want to utter those words again: “I became this because of you.”


  1. Well said Dan. That perked me up a little, as I've had the Monday Blues today. saying that, I never want to be nasty to anyone and I guess when I do, it's because I've maybe been pushed to the limits. I always try to tell myslef that I have life, friends and health. The simple things in life make life seem to make me happy really. Hugs to you

  2. Good point, which I see totally lost on a certain American.

    I'm only commenting because, after the flame war about how retarded Americans were about murdering an innocent dictator, I see the word "Amen," the Jew-dago Christian call sign.

    Conclusion is that no American has a clue that it is they who are being indicted.

    Refined conclusion is that no American has a clue.

    Solution: let there be no America.

  3. Matt: I appreciate your Jew-Dago Christian call sign and know where you're coming from.

  4. DHG - I feel you brother. Can I get a whoop whoop!

    I think one certain imaginary military doctor might want to read this whole uplifting post again and contemplate his naval for a while before sounding like such a complete moron...again.

  5. The Col.Dr carries a grudge, I only hope that in this post and others we can put the past behind us.


  6. Au contraire, I hold no grudge against any members of the human race. Seeing how Christendom has finally excised itself from said race, however, all there is left is to revel in their grisly deaths.

    I enjoy dead Americans. They're squishy, and could anyone complain that they've finally shut the fuck up? No, far from wasting precious time holding grudges, I'm all about the dead Americans.

    Sometimes they're shot. They're shot a lot. They dribble snot when they get shot. They dribble snot, and then get shot and I revel, revel a lot.

    Sometimes they drown, but don't get down. Who could frown when they drown drown drown?

    Sometimes they're stabbed, because they're bad, and cursed with flab from head to abs.

    Sometimes they burn when it's their turn. We hope they learn to burn burn burn.

    Any way the thing is done, we have much fun, and it's just begun. We hate the fucking, fucking scum.

    Since wise words cannot enthrall, well sorry kids, and fuck you all.

    See you in the subway cocksuckers.

  7. Dr.Col.,

    Just today, my cohorts and I were speculating about the Second American Century as America takes her place as the rightful global hegemon.

    Our plans will come to fruition with Iran on her knees.

    By the way, Dr.Col., I am neither a Jew nor a Dago. You, however, seem to be the product of extremely poor breeding.

  8. No Daniel, it isn't a grudge. It is the rage of impotence.

  9. I'm a dago! Hurray for me!

    col pisspants just doesn't like anybody. Somebody needs to hug him in all his pimply bloated glory.

  10. You're all crazy. I hope they do attack your stupid fucking country.

    That military guy is the only one who makes any sense. I like dead Americans too.

  11. I saw the Black Flag link and checked it out. All I found was a lame bunch of Yank pishers jerking each other off.

    Don't they know they're losing?

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. Now now, let's not sink to their subhuman level by engaging their infantile pisspant name calling. They're just mad because they lose at war, while I completely pwn them with a few words that indicts their having sex with their mommies.

    They're SO easy to get going it's almost criminal.

    Instead of bickering with the poor things, keep the eye on the prize: a car in every driveway and seventeen dead Americans under every tire on those cars.

    Oh, and ninety tires per car, to make sure there's more dead Americans to hope for.

    Maybe even two or three driveways for every home, and seven cars per person.

    I have a dream too, Dr. King. A big, big dream. A big, bloody, dead-American-filled dream. You were in it.

    Fat wrinkly over the hill no account unimportant ignored veterans of useless wars that didn't accomplish anything except make the world hate them. Remember that before you get too excited about them and their little snivelling antics.

    We laugh and dream and laugh some more.

  14. I dont know why but this post makes me utterly sad...
    Well actually I do know why. Its because Ive felt that rage myself, Ive seen myself become violent and hateful and bitter, and I hated myself for it. Its so consuming that you become entirely helpless and all you can do is turn to a pile of tears. The saddest thing is that somehow, deep down, that hatred it is born out of love. How can love make you so hateful?
    And how can you make someone who is so full of hate and rage feel at peace? Its a difficult thing. To rise above the hate someone dishes out to you, knowing that you could lash out too with just as evil attacks. But when you think about it, you know that all you really want is for them to be ok.

  15. Anon: what are you talking about? You like dead Americans? How crass is that?

    Spike Violence: fuck you, Black Flag one of the best bands of all time!

    Eva-Jane: we all have it in us but we all have the choice to take our life into our own hands. Thanks for your thoughts.

  16. Doesn't everyone like dead Americans? You watch World's Worst Everything to see them. You go to to see them. Everyone loves dead Americans.

    I guess it depends on which end of their torture and rape you're on. Even outside the US, everyone loves dead Americans, but for better reasons than inbred stupidity and boredom.

  17. It's not as simple as that I'm afraid but you know that, at least I hope you do...otherwise you're an idiot.

  18. You still are someone like that. You're a selfish twit who thinks he's always right, and the most narrowminded person I've ever met.

  19. If I know you, stop hiding behind anon and pop your details up on here...

  20. why should i? im not some weirdo who wants to put my name or informed opinions on this site day after day. Does this make your sad life exciting??????? cock

  21. Weirdo? Sad Life? You spent 19 minutes and 24 seconds on my blog at half past three in the morning reading its contents and leaving yet another useless comment.

    HA HA HA!

    You fucking joke, I've got your ISP and your file.

    Please don't stop setting yourself up for a fall, I need the laughs.

  22. wow! your cool, my ip address, the bigger they are the harder thay fall

  23. Yeah, I am cool, thanks!

    The thicker they are, the longer it takes them to realise they've lost.


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