Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Teaching Situation

"Have I dis-respected you, or hurt you or behaved in a bad way?"

The children in the class shake their heads, they look confused.

"Have I treated you with respect and given you all the help and assistance I can to help you acheive your goals?"

The children nod their heads and look even more confused.

"Then why is it that you are dis-respecting and hurting me with your behaviour? If it's not something that I've done then all I ask is for you to treat me as I treat you."

They all nod and eyes drop with embarassment to the floor, the rest of the lesson passes without incident.

Sometimes we all need a reminder of how to behave with those that are only trying to help us be all we can be.


  1. I don't know why I feel ashamed all of the sudden. I didn't do anything.

  2. The teacher deserves respect, for he has something to offer the student, which pays a dividend for humankind.

    What if the one in authority only takes, and leaves nothing but corpses and toxic waste?

    America purports itself to be the teacher, but this is a fundamental misunderstanding of hegemonic rule. Owning does not imbue authority, nor does it impune murder.

    Does Charles Manson have every opportunity to access resources which help him be all he can be? Of course not--the unrepentent actions of Manson condemn him to perpetual punishment.

    No amount of time can relieve Manson of his crimes, only a change of heart and a sincerely penitent display.

    There is no statue of limitations on cold murder, and in the same way, the greatest perpetrator in history deserves no mitigating treatment at any time.

    They, the Americans, will say they have not been tried and convicted in a fair hearing, and thus are eligible for certain presumptions of innocence.

    This is where they are dead wrong.

    The World Court, a perfectly legal symposium made up of fifteen international judges, condemned America for war crimes in 1985. This followed a lengthy trial, with mountains of evidence collected over numerous years.

    The United States withdrew from the World Court in 1986, in order to escape punishment for its war crimes. However, it was convicted while still a member, and is thus, according to International Law, a Felon Nation.

    Because they failed to have themselves reinstated within the required time, they were declared a Rogue Nation. This puts America on the same "gangster" level as North Korea. Sierra Leone is a participant in good standing. This should point out how rotten America is according to real justice.

    Russia, China, Morocco, Madagascar, Venezuela and others who are routinely attacked by the American propaganda organs (the so-called "free American press") are member nations in good standing. All have been variously investigated for apparent breaches of International Law, and all have acceded to the World Court's authority.

    All this weeping and sympathy for America is simply wrong. They are not the world's authority--this is the role of the United Nations. It has been proven, with them being the single exception in the entire global community, that a symposium of nations is more than capable of maintaining a relative state of world order without instant resort to "preemptive" wars of conquest.

    America stands as the last serial killer nation, the unrepentant Mansonite, who, if he had not been contained, admits he would still be killing everyone he meets.

    America is the rogue nation, for even North Korea has been perfectly on-the-level that its weapons are for national defense--which means protection of one's nation's borders--and has never attacked any other nation.

    The contempt, the vitriol, the hatred, the open calls for death and destruction--these are what America brings upon itself by its refusal to cooperate in the global community.

    Once, America meant something other than a country which hadn't invaded you yet. This is no longer the case, and we end this clarification of America's utter reprobate evil with a reminder that the last time they invaded Canada, we sent them home in a series of flag-draped boxes.

    Being losers who don't get the point, they took their national anthem from Canada beating their asses. We enjoy this very much.

  3. Nice one Dan and well done for that. It does the world of good to remind people about how disrespecting can hurt us and indeed take responsibilty. Good for you Mr teacher :)

  4. Teachers are sport...

    In my day, we used to do our best to deconstruct the teacher until they broke-down. I'll never forget Mr Landy the geography teacher pushed over the brink. He leapt onto the table in a fit of pique exclaiming:

    "Do I go home at night and beat my wife and kids? So why are you treating me like this...?"

    He then ran from the room, crying, never to be seen again. Those were the days...

  5. Col.Dr.

    North Korea has never attacked anyone? They attack South Korean naval boats all of the time. Their leader kidnaps Japanese citizens and others to make propaganda films and half the terrorized people of this police state suffer from severe "food insecurity."

    The people of North Korea are shorter than Koreans in the south because their diet is extremely poor.

    You are nothing but a pwn.

  6. Col Dr: can you please put a lid on it? Every post of mine is then followed by a long and unrelated comment that perpetuates your POV, you know I support you but it kind of closes up the debate and you just seem to flame matt, cranky and bud; all people who I enjoy having around the blog: cranky esp is a man I have a great deal of respect for and do not like him being insulted.

    Hope you understand.


  7. Don't bother Bud, I don't even entertain this kind of bullshit. The right wingers do it all the time.

    Did you notice how coldr has changed himself to Morbid Cruelty. Coldr's profile now points to the new character.

  8. Well this is the blog of a professional actor, so it should be no surprise that here in amateur night comment land, you would see various parts being played by those who visit.

  9. Hey! How come you didn't bother making a fake blogger account for me? You went to the trouble of making one for "cranky", and for "the grand pageant", you even made an "earlier" blog entry for January, the month "grand pageant" joined. Why don't I get a fake blog too? Boo hoo! And your "cranky" is on blogger beta but no blogs attached to his profile, unlike that other one with profile id 2556229.

    Of course you were a little sloppy earlier, since "col.dr." and "morbid cruelty" both still have profile ID 05275513853154546551 when you hover over the link to the profile. Better get busy deleting all the posts of one or the other.

    But "un-patriot" was a nice touch, with Abbie Hoffman for an avatar. Kind of ties in with "Central Intelligence" William Schroeder, who it now appears survived being shot dead at Kent State in 1970. Should CSNY change the song to "three dead in Ohio"?

    By the way, I have never accused you of needing professional help. Just of needing a software update. And now I see ample proof you can handle the upgrade. Since you are able to find the time to create 5 new blogs in a few hours, you should have no trouble supporting the software update's resource requirements.

  10. Well it certainly beats "All 'Death to America' All the time"

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