Wednesday, 21 February 2007

The First Night of The Lesson

I was grateful that the theatre was not packed to the rafters, my nerves were terrible and my constant attempts to make sure that the order of the abstract and calamitous events of the last quarter of the play were fully ingrained in my memory only seemed to make them even more haphazard.

My marvellous costume, imagine a bearded Woody Allen with a comb over, helped me into the awkward and distorted physique of the Professor and the play started well enough, the audience quickly eased into the laughs and my co-actor Ana and I made excellent progress.

However, somewhere around page 203 I started to get the feeling that I had forgotten a massive chunk of script (I hadn’t) and became obsessed that I was destroying the show. I had a few moments of opening my mouth with little or no idea about what was to come out and somehow the correct lines popped out with as much gusto as I could muster.

Blind panic isn’t the word.

Still, we got through it unscathed and go into tonight’s show with improved confidence and a strong desire to build on the success of yesterday.

We go on, we go on…


  1. Well you better be in ship shape for tomorrow night honey! Because the VIP crew are coming! ha ha xx

  2. And dispense with this English thespian tradition of schmoking up before the show. I really think that's counterproductive.

  3. I'm gutted! I've got to go to Germany on Friday ... which leaves only tomorrow and I don't know if I can swing it! Is anyone taping it for you?? Damn Damn Damn!

    But also, CONGRATs to you!

  4. I have experienced that before and it's not fun, but the relief after gives you wonderful experiences and memories. Good luck with the rest of the shows and I'll see you soon.

  5. Saw Thursday's performance: an amazing tour de force of (literally) shocking sense and nonsense...

    Well done to you and your co-actors for a deeply disturbing, grippingly paced, rollercoaster of half-articulated emotions...

    Ghastly and stunning - as Ionesco doubtless intended !

  6. Opening night is always rough anyway so you can only improve! Sounds like you're in a good place.


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