Wednesday, 28 March 2007

The Fuck-Around Guy


Fuck-Around Guy!

You surround yourself with people slightly more stupid than you are

So you can feel like a king of something

You block what you don't like and only do what you want

You make threats to get your own way and hit things when you don't

Your hide your own failings but project them onto others

You wander into life with nothing worthwhile to offer

You fuck around when you should be fixing up


Fuck-Around Guy!

Fuck off

And don't forget

To keep it real


  1. Fuck-Around Guy sounds like my kind of guy...

  2. Perhaps you need some new black friends?

    And not for nothing but those folks don't even LOOK black. What a frickin' ripoff.

    Drop 'em.

  3. don't feed the troll.
    I thought it had all died down, based on no mentions here and nothing over there. Though it may be possible for him to tell people are visiting there.

  4. Darren: trust me, ain't nothing good about the Fuck-Around Guy. Hey! Nice to see you're on myspazz.

    Matt: it ain't about the blacks dude.

    Bud: and it ain't about the Col.Dr pillock either, he ain't worth me time.

  5. is this an allegory of something, by any chance?:-/


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