Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Handy Move: Internet Café Update

Last Thursday was, in one sense, a surprisingly painless house move, smooth, efficient, nothing got broken and everything fitted into storage (and one of the removal guys liked Black Flag). It was not however, without it’s fair share of heartache as Marie and I parted company, she was obviously terribly distressed and I have obviously moved on but it upset me to see her in so much pain and I hope she can come to peace in the next few weeks and months as we both make our new lives.

I had no time to relax after the move because I was up for a Miller Lite commercial, so had to make my way to the casting where I had to pretend to be a statue in just my pants and be threatened with all my body hair being removed. The good news is I was short-listed and the other good news is I didn’t get the job so I get to keep all my body hair. YAY! The God of adverts is clearly frowning on me at the moment and my hairy ass.

Saturday, Eva-Jane and I went to see a lovely bit of theatre at the Young Vic called Generations by Debbie Tucker Green, which I would recommend but we saw it on the last night so you’ve missed it. It’s melange of African song; urgent rhythms and a compelling cut and paste dialogue hammering the repetitive narrative meant that a simple point regarding the terrible impact of AIDS/HIV in South Africa was well made and left Eva and I profoundly moved.

The start of this week is taken up with a showcase I’m directing at the Soho Theatre, yesterday was the first performance and I still can’t believe how nervous I get when all I’m doing is watching the actors I’ve taught and directed; I think that’s a good thing; I think it means that I really care and I’m passionate about them being the best they can be. I’m with them every step of the way and I hope they all shine today and for the final show tomorrow, break a leg to each and every one of them.

Still without regular Internet access but withdrawal is not too bad and quite enjoying a life away from computers, even if I do have a new 19-inch monitor…you heard!


  1. A Miller Lite commercial? You're my hero.

    Let us know if anything runs across the pond.

  2. How incredibly middle class to live with your ex whilst dilly-dallying with your latest bit of crumpet. You luvvies are a breed apart from the rest of us plebs and I salute you for it. I couldn't have got away with that as my Missus would have fed me my own knackers.

  3. Right now, I'm thinking of the Steve Carrell hot wax scene in 'The 40-year-old Virgin' and laughing. Glad you didn't get the part, and hope to see you in something soon!


  4. I thought Marie dumped you. That could still be true, despite her distress now that it is really really over. Sometimes it is done in haste, or as a means to cause some change in the relationship, rather than actually ending it.

    That's why you never "end" a relationship unless you are sure that is what you want. Some people don't understand that.

  5. How does directing compare with acting? Would you ever wholly give up one for the other?


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