Tuesday, 20 March 2007

I Held on to You (Me) All Night

I imagine this is what it's like when the person you

Love most in the world is ill

And when the nurses and doctors have gone

And you're left alone with them

You get into bed with them

And watch them

And hold onto them

For dear life

And so I held you

Fell asleep holding you

And I awoke as if unmoved by sleep

Me, exactly as I had been left

You, wrapped up with me

As it should be

As we want it to be



  1. Oh crikey Dan - powerful stuff there, bloody Powerful. To love someone more than anything in the, world is such a gift, a beautiful thing and one that should be completely cherished. x

  2. Now Daniel, we can't let that moment, sweet as it is, go by without some comic relief. This comment may not provide that, but I'm trying.

    Since it looks like eva-jane was ill, they would not put her in a king sized extra large bed. So while you are lovingly holding her in your arms, your feet are probably sticking out into the hallway, tripping nurses and catching on passing patients' IV stands.

    Is that the "rest of the picture"?

  3. I like it Bud, my feet always stick out the end!

  4. Hey, who is taking the picture?

  5. One of us, with our long, lovely arms.


  6. Crikey, indeed. That's a pretty lady.

  7. wow, I feel famous! :-D

    Thankyou for this post Daniel. My bed feels so empty when there is no giant sleeping next to me.


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