Wednesday, 25 April 2007


I was over at the excellent blog that belongs to Saur and was scrolling through her posts and found a mention of a blog called Critique My Blog! (I'm not linking to the piece of shit, that's the whole point) that in exchange for a link swap will review your blog.

I was intrigued, because this sounded to me like a link whoring spam blog piece of crap but you know, I could be I visited and was very happy to find:
  1. No bad reviews, which is great to get that link whore juice flowing to promote terrible spam blogs.
  2. Sponsored reviews of the worst kind of spam blogs you can imagine, you know the ones that clog up your comments with links to increase Google juice and other whoring techniques.
  3. The links section, which includes pest control and other link whoring techniques.
My advice, stay well clear and don't link to it and while you're at it, flag it so that it gets taken down by the Blogger police.

For those of you in any doubt, read the following review for a Mortage spam blog:

"I follow the market very closely and love to invest. One thing I am very interested in as well is real estate and it amazed me how a year or so ago so many people were jumping in with both feet and taking mortgage interest rates that were basically teaser rates that were going to balloon later on down the line. I think part of the reason for this is that people listen more to television commercials instead of doing the proper research on sites like the mortgage lowdown. The first thing I do before I make an investment or buy something is go online and research it thoroughly. This mortgage news site gives some top notch information about all things that involve the mortgage business like mortgage interest rates, refinancing, and real estate. No doubt there is a wealth of information on this site and before you buy your should check it out. This post has been sponsored by the fine folks at Mortgage Lowdown."

Did you just see that? That was a blogger's integrity hanging itself...


  1. I could review your Blog and my rating would come spam-free. But if you could just see your way to sending over £1,000 for this favour, that would be greatly appreciated.


  2. i don't care! the review had 'balloon' in it!

    i'm so going there!


  3. Wait a minute, did you turn 31 and not tell us?

  4. Jessica: well spotted, yes, I is now 31. Go to Not Quite and Angel in my links for picture of my cake.

  5. Daniel--Belated Happy Birthday!!! When did you turn 31?


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