Friday, 20 April 2007

Crystal Meth Training Day

Seems that Crystal Meth is starting to take off as the drug of choice in the UK, seemingly side effects such as paranoia, depression, kidney failure, violent behaviour, internal bleeding and less inhibited sexual behaviour, are not putting anyone off. Having said that, the list of symptoms could just as easily apply to beer…

The worse side effect however, aside from your whole life falling around your arse, is “Meth Mouth” which is not caused directly by the drug itself but rather a terrible mix of poor oral hygiene, lack of spittle, teeth grinding and consumption of high sugar drinks.

Like all drugs it has an array of catchy names but surely the best has to be “Nazi Crank” which is perhaps the best slang term anywhere for getting your rocks off.

Anyway, Crystal Meth and its misuse is a gap in my knowledge when it comes to drugs so I’m off on a training day at the end of June, hopefully free samples will be chucked in.
Know your enemy…


  1. You caused the massacre.
    I saw you on TV and needed to kill a bunch of people.

    You sucked that bad.

  2. yikes, I had to scroll away from that picture. Meth is very popular in NYC and i've heard many a sad stories from people who have used it. Horrible stuff.

    Thanks for stopping by too. I found your blog via a Google search that I was doing and then stayed awhile.

  3. Well, we've seen what "hillbilly crack" has done to America. Actually, I've just seen that on television but still....

  4. Yuck. Looks like a mouth I saw on the tv recently: "The Worst Teeth in Britian" Have fun, but bring your floss and avoid the sugary drinks, please.

  5. LL: apologies for that!

    cho: nice to have you here...

  6. Hmm seen all sorts with heroin and crack addiction. One guy with an amputated leg, one beautiful young woman, in a wheel chair, cos she'd got an abscess that had become so infected, she'd almost got gangrene!
    Drugs eh? People are always going to want an escape from the reality of life and I guess this is the result for some..
    Dunno what I think anymore about the drug debate but I do believe there's a strong arguement FOR legalisation..The last class A I had, was a crappy E some time back - bloody awful and made me feel like hell the next day..I mean if we're gonna alwys have drugs around us then make'em clean, cut out the criminal element and educate the users, is what I say..


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