Sunday, 8 April 2007

Thank You for the Thanks to You

For fear of making our readers puke all over their computer screens, I just wanted to use my top of the mountain to say thank you for your thank you and that without you, I'd be nothing.

What is all this worth if it can't be shared with you? There's no point going through any of this without someone there to watch your back, to hold your hand, to tell you when you're wrong and cheer you when you're right.

I love you, here's to us and our adventures together, partners, pals, lovers, fighters.

Talk to me baby...


  1. I don't come here for sickly sentimentality, but for the free hardcore porn. Now does anyone know how to clean puke out of a keyboard???

  2. Pop up on the couch n lets talk..feel the love!

  3. renegade--r u talking about Daniel, or his significant other?;-))

    Daniel, I am SO SO SO green! Congratulations. What a lovely lady you got there--and who also blogs!! wow...

    as they say:love is loving an imperfect person perfectly

    keep on, dude!


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