Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Clocked In

I tried to apply

I can't get loose

My day is to myself

Put my brain in a noose

Buzzer sounds, gotta move

Feet move, legs move, hands move, brain moves…

Real slowI gotta' be on time

Just to collect my reward

I gotta’ stand in line

Makes me feel so fucking bored

Boss barks orders at me

But I can't yell back

‘Cause whenever I try…

Get that son of a bitch off my back

I have this problem every morning

I gotta' face the clock

Punch in, punch out, it makes me so pissed off

One of these days I'm gonna’ smash it off the wall

Go home!


  1. I reckon we've got it better than the serfs; but shit, still the slog.

  2. It's all relative, it's the clocked in mentality that I can't stand.


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