Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Coast to Coast

Scant info as yet but the legend that is Mark Whiteley and my good self are to be re-united once again with a brand new show called Coast to Coast, which after playing the Edinburgh Fringe Festival will be then going out on a National tour in 2007 and beyond; so look out for us at a theatre near you please!

Oh...and the show will be a stand-up comedy affair based on The Big Adventure, when Mark and I walked across Great Britain with no food, no where to sleep and no money with a show as our only currency. You heard...


  1. Sounds great. I'll come check it out this summer if I'm up!

  2. Cool news indeed.

    May I suggest you edit out the parts where you walked together over unvarying countryside for hours on end barely saying anything to each other?

    Just a thought...



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