Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Iraq is an Absolute Mess

It never seems to end.

The constant dripping tap of bad news from Iraq, incident after incident will only harden the resolve of the American people and politicians to take the wrong course of action; that is to pull out of Iraq.

And not only will the US pull out it will also give a rubber stamp to a nation split of religious lines, seemingly failing to realise that a secular, Islamic democracy is more than possible if you have the diplomatic and military skills to see it through but in this time of facile, quick fix policies and short-termism such an approach will never be possible.

This is a great shame, indeed a shame of our time.

And so it goes on, from abductions to bombings to the suicides of US troops returning from the conflict.

It never seems to end.


  1. The only thing that will end this mess is if everyone on each side is so sick of killing that they decide, on their own, to end it.

    Nothing else will end this mess.



  2. Being surrounded by all the Memorial Day propaganda the past few days has been very difficult for me. Having lost frienda and family to this war makes it extremely difficult to watch as the living soldiers, who really believe they're doing something worthwhile, being paraded in front of us like prized cattle preparing for slaughter. What we are doing, particularly to those men and women, is absolutely disgraceful. Those who chose to lay their lives on the line for the rest of us deserve better than the hypocracy and lies they have been fed.

    The lip service of the past weekend has only served to make me more tense at a time when I need relaxation. It's 1:25AM and here I am, unable to sleep because my baby cousin has been moved to the front and... well... you know the rest.

  3. It is supposed to be a bloody summer too. Senior level military planners and the administration says it's planning for more attacks and even greater bloodshed. When will this madness stop?


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