Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Perhaps Fuck Off Might be too Kind

Some people don’t know how blessed they are to have a gifted person amongst them.

Some people are too busy pushing their own petty agendas and failing to see the bigger picture.

Some people are too busy trying to score points and have failed to notice that in the real world, there isn’t even a scoreboard.

When you have the chance to work with someone who is willing to go that extra mile, who is willing to commit and contribute to the very best of their abilities, you should seize that chance rather than resent it and try and destroy it with your behaviour.

Luckily, it’s made of tougher stuff then your poxy slings arrows can ever hope to damage, I just hope that one day you realise what you missed out on and vow never to miss a chance like that again.


  1. So you're the gifted person who blesses those lucky enough to happen into your vicinity?

  2. Of course I was kidding. It's my British sense of humor.

  3. Been there, done that, got the T-shirt... By the time you hit 35, you'll have gotten to the jaded, cynical stage. ;-)

    And yes, I am selling up and moving on from Loughton. Both my properties are now on the market and we are in the process of buying a small shop in Norfolk. I've been writing professionally for over 13 years, so thought I'd give my fingers a rest and have a crack at selling Mars Bars and newspapers instead! With a baby on the way, I realised I had an obligation to earn a real living, doing a real job, instead of poncing around writing for magazines. :-)


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