Wednesday, 9 May 2007

This is England

"That's what we need man, that's what this nation has been built on: proud men, proud fuckin' warriors. Two thousand years this tiny, fuckin' little island has been raped and pillaged by people who've come here and want a piece of it. Two fuckin' world wars men have laid down their lives for this, for this and for what? So we can stick our fuckin' flag in the ground and say yeah, this is England."

Go and see Shane Meadow's brilliant new film, This is England, which sums up the disaffection of early 80's England with all the gritty brilliance it deserves: miner's strikes, Falklands War, Thatcher's fuckin' Britain with all its high unemployment, skinheads, goths, new romantics, daft racists and people trying to make the best of what they've got.


  1. You English bloggers should all leave voice recordings on your blogs so we can hear what sort of accent you have.

  2. It seems really good. I'm sure it'll come to the US.

  3. A good film and as i lived through those times (and earlier) i reckon Mr Meadows has it sussed.


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