Monday, 14 May 2007

This is for Eva-Jane...

A French Bulldog is the adoptive mother to a Bengal tiger cub in Japan.

A baby tiger abandoned by her mother in a Japanese zoo has found unconditional love in an unlikely neighbour -- a French bulldog.

The Bengal tiger, born last month in Kagawa prefecture, southern Japan, was first cared for by zoo-keepers after she was found stranded from her mother with no means for milk. But the squealing cub soon found motherly love in the zoo's two-year-old French bulldog, named Nana.

"Nana happens to have a strong motherly instinct," said Yuki Matsumura, keeper in charge of the baby tiger at the Shirotori Zoo.

The dark-grey bulldog stops to lie still as the cub nudges its side to drink its milk. The bulldog, which recently gave birth to a still-born pup, may be thinking that the tiger is her real child.

"The baby tiger also seems to believe the dog is her real mother," Matsumura said. "She always asks the dog to breast-feed her by crying loudly."

The two may have to part soon in a few months, however, since the 30 cm cub is growing fast.

The zoo says the tiger may have to be moved to an enclosure with other tigers once she reaches a certain size.


  1. Thankyou baby! Now tell me that's not the cutest thing you've ever seen! Can we get one? xxx

  2. Hi DHG! Thanks for the link!

    Great post! I always find inter-species love inspirational and somewhat ironic. Members of different animal species express love and sympathy for each other, but we humans find it so difficult to love each other.

  3. Wouldn't it be weird if random animals harassed you and tried to feed you? And steal you as a pet?

    ...Yeah, I've been drinking. Who are you, a judge?

  4. what does this post symbolize? huh? is the dog Bush and the baby tiger Sarkozy of France? huh? huh? I know it is political symbolism! huh? right ?

    No seriously! cute pic! what is behind it? huh? :P

    how are doing man? I'm finally back to blogging! I think the last of my nasty visitors was pulverized by a meteorite! It should be fine now :)

  5. Matt: drink more, I love it man!

    Mohamed: are you really back? Hope so my good friend! Sometimes, no politics, only love. And don't start me on nasty visitors, I've had quite a few of late.


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