Wednesday, 13 June 2007

For an Inner Satellite of Uranus

It must be hard work being an inner moon of Uranus, orbiting something that knows little of what love is, uses anger and violence to get what it wants, is cold and inhospitable and, aside from hating children and being a castrate, self-mythologizes laziness, misogyny and being ignorant.

I take that back, you are well matched.

Names usually have little relation to the person who owns the title but I can’t help but be reminded of the woman who pledged everlasting eternal love to Trolius before running off with Diomedes. Or in your case, Diomedes, Adeipho, Adelphos, Adrastos, Agatone, Alcander, Altair, Ambrose, Anatol…the list goes on.

Female inconstancy, changing without discernible pattern or reason; fickle and faithless. Has a ring to it doesn’t it?

You are well matched indeed.

I await the car crash when the abusive, violent Uranus is unable to control his base instincts by either lashing out in contemptible fashion or sticking his stub into something else. If there weren’t a child involved I’d say it was a fitting end for the pair of you.

And you call this love?


  1. "I'll cave your face in!" Now there's an intelligent come-back! ;-p xxxxx

  2. I most certainly do not call this love.


  3. "Hehe, he said your anus...hehe..."

    Lost me at Uranus, I am afraid. Is this creative writing again or is this some veiled poke at some private argument? You folks are's like sitting on the tube and only hearing half a loud mobile phone conversation that you don't particularly want to hear. Damn it, I come here to be entertained, not bamboozled. Entertain me, monkey boy.

    Mind you, if I told you where I stuck my stub yesterday you'd never look at me in the same way again. ;-)

  4. Darren: unfortunately, it's aimed at some lovely person out there.

    I wish it was all creative writing...


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