Monday, 11 June 2007

Fred Thompson Looks Like Kelsey Grammer (Gipper Redux)

Very likely GOP Presidential candidate Fred Thompson is merely Frasier star Kelsey Grammer in heavy make-up...

But with some serious right-wing credentials and of course, the kind of persona that goes down very well with many voters across the US. Even though he hasn't declared that he's in the race yet, polls already have him as a comfortable third, possibly second, behind the grief whore that is Giuliani. So will the Rethugs go for Reagan-lite? Only time will tell.

I still think he looks like an elderly Kelsey Grammer though...


  1. What gets me the most about the guy is that he's being cast as some sort of manly, folksy, out-of-the-beltway, homespun common-sense sorta fellow, but in fact his two homes for the past thirty years have been hollywood and Washington, where he's been a high-priced lobbyist for any number of organizations, and a senator with no real policy chops.

    It's amazing how the 'family values' people keep putting up these 'heroes' and most of them are on second or third marraiges, and often with 'trophy wives' several decades younger than they are--like ol' Fred here.

    And the MSM just gobbles it up.

    I'd rather vote for Kelsey...


  2. Good call. Especially in that picture where Grammer looks really old and bad.

  3. Your a funny f**ker! You make me giggle xxxxx

  4. BP: spot on, can't believe he is even an outside bet for the job, bad track record but then again, what difference does that make?

    Scott: thanks dude!

    Eva-Jane: I love you.

  5. I happen to like ol'Fred and Kelsey would do just as good a job as anyone else...atleast I wouldn't be ashamed to turn on the tv or radio and actually listen to an address. It amazes me that people still believe in our political system, there's not a nickel's worth of difference in either of our major parties....I say go for it Fred...least ways it would be someone who could actually "act" sincere.....and he had me at...."turn around...its back to the tick-tock to get the boo boo."

  6. Sorry Jinks, I ain't convinced by that, seems to me yet more de-construction of the American political dream.


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