Friday, 29 June 2007

London Car Bomb, Paris Hilton Fatigue & Al Gore

I awoke this morning to find my honorary hometown of London was under attack once again, this time from a rather crude car bomb situated in one of the busiest parts of LDN full of nails, gas cylinders and some 60 litres of petrol.

By sheer luck, the car bomb was stumbled upon and dealt with before it could serve its nefarious purpose and as I type stories of further suspicious cars are circulating the news agencies. I’m sure that over the weekend further details and theories will arise but no doubt the succession of Prime Minister Brown has acted as a launch pad for an attempted ‘reminder attack’ that there are individuals bent on the murder of innocent civilians.

Light relief is offered by the newsreader who refused to participate in the Paris Hilton charade and attempted to destroy the story with fire after ripping it up into tiny pieces. I only wish that Mika Brzezinski had tried to eat the offending news item, like a spy devouring the truth saving cyanide pill; her statement that “I hate this story and I don’t think it should be the lead” has gone some way to restore my faith in American media.

And I’m not too sure whether the fact that if Al Gore ran for President he would attract some 32% of Democratic support is a good or a bad thing. There seems to be lacking on both sides a real heavyweight candidate, hence the lure of Mr Gore who in retirement has certainly expanded about the jowls and gut. My only worry is that without a strong Democratic candidate America could sleep walk into a further four years of a mediocre Rethug leadership. We shall see…

Here’s hoping the weekend brings no successful terrorist atrocities in London, more newsreaders refusing to read out rubbish stories and the US producing a bona fida Presidential candidate.


  1. It's certainly been a strange day in the big smoke! I was going to text but saw it as an opportunity to finally leave a comment on here for a change; so, thanks very much for dinner, it was lovely to meet Eva-Jane, she is beautiful and it was great to see you both so happy.


  2. Alrightyou have gone over the top. Are you really worried about how heavy Al is. I would take a fat Al in 2001 over our current idiot any day of the week. Any day of the week. And your idiot also. This is the most foolish thing you have every said.

  3. Again and again. Now Glasgow, too. Be safe. Keep heart.

  4. I cannot imagine that the Repubs will have the White House next time around. I cannot imagine Hillary as the pres either, but more likely than a repub. This isn't necessarily a good thing. It will be good to be rid of Bush though.

  5. Emma: nice to see you, it was a real cool time and so happy that you're happy. Hopefully, we'll meet up again. Take care. xxxx

    LWB: so nice of you to stop by and rant, I look forward to more of your thoughts...

    Jess: thanks my good friend.

  6. I was talking about your leader not you dg, in case there was any confusion. I wanted you to know, just because you love me.


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