Tuesday, 12 June 2007

My Mistakes

My mistakes are made by me

Your mistakes are made by you

Whatever you do, you gotta' make it through

Whatever you say, you gotta' mean it too

And don't bother saying it if it ain't true

You can't learn from one mistake

You'll make two then three, you won't stop

And you think your future looks bright but it's not

You've lost it, might as well stop stop stop

Are you gonna' learn from your mistakes?

Or are you gonna' stay dumb?


  1. Aphorism time:

    "The greatest mistake is the failure to learn from your mistakes"

    You can have that for free...

    Now head over to my blog to learn how you can make money out of those half empty tins of paint you find lying around!

  2. It's much funner and more rewarding when it comes in the mail isn't it?

    Until later...

  3. Way back in the day, one of my acting teachers used to say 'I don't mind mistakes, as long as they're creative mistakes.'

    Boy, he loved me...

    Keep making mistakes, as long as they're not the same damn one over and over again.


  4. Darren: you are like Yoda but bigger and less like a ball bag.

  5. Jeff: indeed, writing a reply as quick as work will allow me my good man!

    BP: wise facts, I have two Yodas...

  6. That's funny because my ballbags looks like Yoda! The path of the ever-moving love plumbs is fraught with danger much.

  7. Nice song DHG! Yoda, aka Darren, made me think of one of my favorite Beckett lines: "My mistakes are my life". Five words to live by!


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